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    Has this ever happened to you? You're flying around in a ship core when a random Isanth shows up out of nowhere and instantly kills you because your puny core has no armour, shields, or weapons? Now you never have to worry about those pesky pirates again with the new Mega Core!


    With tons of space for systems this core can preform as well as an actual ship while still allowing you to rock that "I can't be bothered to get in a real ship." style! It even comes with a remarkably detailed 1:100 scale replica of itself at it's very center and state of the art blinking lights.

    This is just a shell. It has no systems, interior, or even a door. Have fun with it.
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    Latest updates

    1. Second upload

      Reuploading to fix a chunk error in the first export and fix two blocks that ought to be wedges.

    Latest reviews

    im gonna use this to make the first ever mega titan destroyer. aka the whole ship is a big fucking gun 10 thousand
    this aint your grandmas titan ship
    When you have a ship so badass that is has so much badassery to deserve my rating, 1000/10 it is beautiful owo (I would love to see the one that represents the 3 block ship that uses a power reactor block and a thruster)
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I might do the three block version eventually but I have three very large unfinished projects and a half a dozen smaller projects I want to complete first.
    Haha! This came out great.
    Thanks. I've got some neat ideas for a few extra features using rails and space wizardry but I'm putting this guy on the back burner for now until I finish the other ship I'm working on.
    One of the greatest creations on SMD.
    Thanks. I built it as a joke but it turned out looking so good that I'll probably develop it into a proper ship after I finish my other current projects. I might do another version that also has a giant power reactor and thruster block on the back since that's another iconic "ship". By the way, do you know who I should pester about getting badges for myself or nominating other players?
    Thank you! Just thank you!
    You're welcome. This didn't take too long to build and I thought it would be a fun thing for people to play with. I look forward to seeing what people do with the interior. I'll do my own finished version as well at some point.