MSCC - Megacrafter127's Ship-Resource-Calculator

    MSCC - Megacrafter127's Ship-Resource-Calculator 0.4.1_0.19592_2.01

    As I was too lazy to make an installer for the FIRST version, installation instructions are in the README.txt in the zip. Later versions have an installer, and thus the download is a jar.

    As this tool uses some classes within the StarMade.jar, it may not work with all versions of StarMade, as such each version number is constructed like this:
    <version of MSCC>_<version of StarMaded used in the build>_<packaged version of SMPP>
    The version of StarMade, which was used on the build, is guaranteed to be able to run this tool, other versions may also be able to, but are not guaranteed to.
    As SMPP is only packaged with MSCC since 0.4.0, any prior MSCC versions lack the SMPP version number.
    SMPP is a tool provided by 6ngb, and problems regarding it should be forwarded to him.

    When installed correctly, this tool will add an icon to the system-tray(taskbar), which, if (double-)clicked, will open a window when StarMade is launched, in the window is a (at the beginning rowless) table, 2 buttons and 1 combobox(dropdown chooser).

    With the combobox you can choose which blueprint within the blueprints folder of the StarMade installation will be analyzed;
    The refresh button will refresh the list of blueprints available in the combobox;
    The load button allows you to analyze an external sment file.

    Every resource required for the blueprint will be broken down as far as possible(capsules, metal mesh, and crystal compound aren't broken down intentionally)

    This tool SHOULD also work when being on a server, as long the window is only interacted with, once the game fully loaded.

    Note: I make no guarantees what will happen when using this tool before the game has loaded.
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