MSCC - Megacrafter127's Ship-Resource-Calculator

    MSCC - Megacrafter127's Ship-Resource-Calculator 0.4.1_0.19592_2.01

    Awesome, very useful. Thanks
    Very useful. Needs to be updated however.
    Updated in what way?
    Did it stop working, if so, what happens when you try to launch it after a fresh reinstallation?
    Absolutetly fabulous. Schema should add a similar thing in game.
    I won't be adding constructive feedback here, because this is awesome. Could you make a thread?
    Just hit the "Ask Questions / Get Support" button, that was always there
    a "well constructed" review follows

    To craft review: 1 controversial star reduction. 10 "Plx's"
    100 "OMG TO GUD" 32 gr8 m8's

    16 "How is this wat's"

    (i like this) (even though i wont use it)
    I think this is a very useful tool.
    cool idea
    I'll make this constructive so that people don't complain:
    1) This is amazing.
    2) This is amazing.
    3) This is amazing.
    4) This is amazing.

    Incredibly useful tool, thank you.
    yeah…very explanatory