1. DeepspaceMechanic

      CALCULATRON 9,999 - Deepspace Mechanic's adding machine v1.3

      Allow me to introduce one of my latest and proudest creations, Calculatron 9,999 - my attempt at making a StarMade logic calculator. Fun-fact about the name: it's "CalculaTRON" because I feel like the commonly used "-tron" ending denotes machines with personalities, and the "9,999" part is a...
    2. Drumboy168

      Ship Building Planning

      Hello, fellow shipwrights. I have a legitimate query as to the methods you as individuals use when constructing a ship. My question is largely as follows: when designing a new ship, do you calculate the power the individual systems will consume and design the ship accordingly, or do you just...
    3. Megacrafter127

      MSCC - Megacrafter127's Ship-Resource-Calculator 0.4.1_0.19592_2.01

      As I was too lazy to make an installer for the FIRST version, installation instructions are in the README.txt in the zip. Later versions have an installer, and thus the download is a jar. As this tool uses some classes within the StarMade.jar, it may not work with all versions of StarMade, as...