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    SMD2Shrinker 1.0

    Especially server owners have to deal with huge universes. This little tool shrinks them by removing empty segments from the .smd2 files.
    This tool can be run both from console and normally.

    Java7 or higher

    This tool removes a segment if all of the following is true:
    1. It isn't at 0 0 0 (where the entity's marker is)
    2. One of the following is true:
      1. It contains no blocks
      2. the "indexless" option is on and the segment isn't referenced by an index [may cause missing segments in some cases]
      3. the "illegalHead" option is on and the segment's contents can't be decyphered [may cause missing segments]
    When run from console, you can activate the "indexless" option by passing "--indexless" as an argument, and the "illegalHead" option can be activated by passing "--illegalHead" as an argument.
    There also is the option of specifying the amount of cores which shall be used for this task. "--cores <cores>" does the job. If unspecified, all cores will be used.
    If run normally, the user will be asked about the options.

    When run from console, the paths to the files to shrink are passed as arguments. Instead of passing the path to a file to shrink, you can alternatively pass the path to the folder containing it as an argument.
    If run normally, the user will be asked to choose files, directories won't be selectable.

    Warning: even without any options, this tool may still cause missing segments. Before use, please back up the files.
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