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    MSCC - Megacrafter127's Ship-Resource-Calculator 0.4.1_0.19592_2.01

    Calculates the amount of resources it takes to craft the blocks to spawn a blueprint.

    1. Location change

      Download location changed, thus updating references
    2. Installer Hotfix

      I forgot to update the installer after cleaning up MSCC's code prior to the last update, and as such, the installer crashed without completing the installation. So, here is the fix.
    3. SMPP Integration

      6ngb's StarMade Production Planner has been integrated into MSCC. The at the time of building latest version of SMPP will be packed with MSCC in this and future updates.
      As such, the version format for MSCC was changed to this:
      As before, keep in mind, that MSCC may work with previous or...
    4. Slab deconstruction

      As slabs have their own IDs, but can't be directly crafted in factories, MSCC recognized them as uncraftable items, and thus was unable to break them into the components for their respective hull type.
      This is now fixed.

      It is important to note, that this version likely won't work for any version of StarMade before 0.19522 .
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    5. Installer readded, now working \o/

      After a series of testing, retesting, rewriting from scratch, testing again, and finally copying and tweaking the installer I used for MusicMade, it now works!
      Checking/unchecking the "ignore leftovers" checkbox now also updates the ingredient list for the current blueprint.
    6. Removal of installer

      Removed the automated installer, as it seems to mess up the StarMade.jar.

      Back to the README.txt

      Also, now this tool has a logo provided by Azurite
    7. Installer Fix

      There was a bug in the installer completely messing up the installation. It should be fixed now.
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    8. Installer

      Made an installer, the previous goodies update is included.
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    9. Goodies

      Added a 2nd table on the left, it contains a list of all IDs, the respective names, and again an amount. In it, you can specify blocks/items, which you already posess.
      If the checkbox on the top right is not checked, negative amounts in the right table indicate leftover items.
      The output table in the right will also be sorted by amount.