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    Automatically plays music in the background while starmade is running.

    1. Megacrafter127
      Logo made by @Crusade

      Plays music in the background while StarMade is running.

      1. Java 7 or higher
      How to install:
      1. Download the MusicMade.jar
      2. Run the MusicMade.jar and follow the instructions
      • You will need to reinstall MusicMade after updating or changing the version of StarMade.
      Currently supported formats(will be extended as fast and soon as possible):
      • .wav
      • .au
      • .ogg
      • (Depending on your setup and version of java more formats might be supported, but they are not guaranteed to be supported everywhere)
      How to add music files to the MusicMade playlist:
      1. Simply place the file in the MusicMade folder before you launch StarMade.
      Supported version of StarMade:
      • All past, present and future versions are supported.
      What does the musicmade.cfg in the StarMade folder configure(will likely be expaned in the future):
      • mainClass
        • the path to StarMade's main class in the installation (do not touch this unless you know exactly what you are doing)
      • useAmbientSounds
        • if set to true MusicMade will automatically append ambient sounds in StarMade's sound resources to the playlist
      • sleep
        • after finishing the playback of a track, MusicMade will wait the specified amount of milliseconds before playing the next track
      • randomSleep
        • if set to true MusicMade will not wait the full amount of time specified by the sleep config, but instead wait for a random amount of time between 0 and the sleep config
      • volume
        • an integer from 0 to 100 specifying the volume in % of the maximum possible volume.

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      but add mp3 compat please
    2. stowbag
      Awesome but for some reason i cant access volume control, i looked at a previous review where someone had the same problem, but i dont know what you mean by OS
      1. Megacrafter127
        Author's Response
        OS is short for Operating System[if you don't know what that means your OS is most likely windows]. In most cases this can be fixed by unmuting Java in the OS's volume controls.
    3. XX_warrior123
      It says that it can't access the volume control. What's going on?
      1. Megacrafter127
        Author's Response
        most likely the OS has muted java. Access the OS's audio manager/controller and unmute it, that should fix it.
    4. Croquelune
      Nice mod. Perfect with Audacity to edit your music and convert the mp3 to .ogg, that permit to equlize your music aswell.
    5. OdraNoel
      dude this is awesome!
    6. Crimson-Artist
      with this I was able to do the Impossible! (Seeing the Invisible and fighting the power to be added later) by Adding Starbound music to Starmade!

      in all seriousness though its a fantastic Mod. Had to convert my all of my music in to .wav in order for them to work but its works beautifully . I very much await mp3 support in the future!
      1. Megacrafter127
        Author's Response
        I am sorry to disappoint, but mp3 support won't become a thing, with linux being a possible exception(use of an external program)
        Mp3 as a format is copyrighted and patented, I can't do much against that, nor am I willing to.
    7. Mattdogking
      It made it where starmade can't be started on my computer. I have Windows 8.1 and after installing this, it says that now it can't run the app.
      1. Megacrafter127
        Author's Response
        Are you using steam? steam might prevent starmade being run due to a not met hashsum.
    8. Drakil99
      finally... tunes in the background not silence or engine hum. It gets hard working on a ship listening to nothing. Sleep tends to kick in at the wrong times. Awesome Job.
    9. Mariux
      Version: 0.2.3
    10. WarSong
      Version: 0.2.3
      The fact it plays at connection setup is something i like. it gets me into the game mindset before the server even loads my client.
      1. Megacrafter127
        Author's Response
        I never thought of that effect.