MRGS Mining Carrier 199 090219


    1. Green-Knight-44
      Version: 090219
      I love the look and design but I actually want to give it 3.5 stars as the power is quite unbalanced. when i use the native mining array it blows the power over. With some tweaks to power priority or reactor optimization you may be able to quench the crazy consumption of said beams. As far as carrier logic goes, it's nice and compact. Sure connections typically don't save, it happens with my mining carrier too so that's not my concern. If you could optimize power so ftl and mining can charge nicely that would make this ship ideal.
      1. MrGrey1
        Author's Response
        Yes it is a little under-powered. I forgot to put that in the description due to being frustrated with the logic issue. You have to adjust the chambers between traveling and mining. I added extra chambers to accommodate this. If you set the mining chamber to 2, put the jump drive to efficiency 2, make sure your drones are launched so they're not sucking power then the mining beam is easily sustainable after the drive has recharged. Jump drive unfortunately for carriers, is a real pita as all your cargo space puts the power requirements way up. I may look to refitting it with a larger reactor but I was trying to keep it to a 199 for efficiency's sake and was happy with changing the chambers myself as needed. I'll edit the description now that you've mentioned it. Thanks.
    2. NeonSturm
      Version: 240119
      5 stars because it is the best mining ship in CC.
      It has a better look than the previous mining ship of that size you uploaded and when drones don't work, there is another use for that space/installation in combat drones or for cargo containers or whatever I want.
      1. MrGrey1
        Author's Response
        Wow, high praise indeed, thank you, glad you're enjoying it.