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    GW-91 AUTO cargo containers 1.0

    Automated versions

    1. MChain
      A pack of GW-91 standard cargo containers modified for use with automatic cargo sections. Technically almost identical to Cargo containers for GS-91-1000-STANDARD, with the same features and cargo capacity.

      The main modification includes the addition of 6 extra dockers in the middle of long edges of the container, and some logic to control the cargo flow. Upper dockers are meant for transportation and thus are not hooked to the logic systems; you can find them in slots 1 and 2 of hotbar 2. Lower dockers' roles are signed for ease of usage.

      Cargo containers come in all basic hull colours (including red GW livery) and are compatible with GS-91-1000 vessel, Leonov and Gagarin classes (no modification required) and Tai Hao series (after minor modification, though)

      On a screenshot you can see a green GW-91 AUTO being loaded on a modified old GS-91-1000, using a dedicated cargo pier. Another container is already loaded on a ship