Gremyaschy class 2017-01-07

    Light escort/corvette

    1. MChain

      Ship mass: 996,7 tons
      Ship power levels: 472 377.5 e; 108 833.9 e/s
      Ship measures: 72m (l) x 14m (h) x 21m (w)

      Ship engine:
      Thrust: 1647.3 MN
      Power consumption: 42033.37 e/s
      Ship top speed: 161.5 m/s
      Ratio to mass: 1,7
      Rotational potential
      X: 0,6; Y: 0,6; Z: 1,6

      Ship shielding:
      Max power: 49 207 e
      Regeneration rate (non-combat): 1 606 e/s
      Power consumption: 1 606 e/s
      Ship armament:

      2x TUR CCPT_50.29 Twin (DPS per barrel 572)
      4x TUR PD (CC_100) Mk2 "Slim"
      1x CBOd_100.50 Heavy Railguns (Damage per shot per barrel 11 800)

      Ship auxiliary systems:

      Energy consumption: 49839.6 e/s

      MAX Charge: 663 355,25 e
      Charge rate: 16200,0 e/s
      Charge time 40,9 s

      Ship cargo systems:
      2x Crew Lockers

      Ship docking systems:
      1x Starboard airlock-integrated lateral USD

      Ship armor rating: 244,7 k
      Ship survivability rating: 278,7 k
      Ship crew: 1-2

      Welcome to KB Cosmos!

      While our main battle ship, the Brest class destroyer, proved itself quite capable of protecting merchant convoys from pirate fighter attacks, it is way too expensive for an average trader. To provide our customers with an adequate and cost-effective means of protecting their crews and property, we developed the new pirate counteermeasure - the Gremyaschy-class corvette.

      While bearing average for its size defence and agility, this ship's main advantage is its armament. It carries two CCPT_50.29 twin turrets similar to those installed on the Brest class and a CBOd_100.50 nose-mounted railgun just a tiny bit smaller than those on its elder brother. The ship is equipped with a 41s jumpdrive and a perma-jammer.

      The ship is equipped with all necessary facilities for a long journey.

      We hope this ship will serve you well and protect your crews and property from destruction.


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    Recent Reviews

    1. OmegaGame
      Version: 2017-01-07
      Daaaww.. Remind me of a baby imperial cobra destroyer from the WH40k universe
      1. MChain
        Author's Response
        I am really glad you liked this ship.

        Any similarities with Wh40k are not intentional, though. I'd like to try building something from Wh40k, but they are just too huge for my PC... Maybe a scale model...