Pandora Haven Capital City

    Pandora Haven Capital City Alpha 17

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    Pandora Haven - Alpha
    The Space City Project - Pandora Haven Capital: Stellar Metropolis
    The Pandora Haven capital city has been worked on for over 2 years and is a ongoing project. One time I almost lost it so I put it here for safe keeping and pre-release exploration fun, it is quite large so far, but grows in size an details.
    The Pandora Haven began as a planetary city on the StarSquadron, upon the cinematic destruction of the planet a friend helped to move it to a station and from there the real expansion started.
    Pandora Haven is now part of the Empires Universe ;)

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    Latest updates

    1. December 2019 update

      PH city management office done circular vehicles are fixed random decorations added annoying...
    2. Completed the PH city Observatory and maintenance department

      Completed the PH city Observatory and maintenance department = the big octagonal multi...
    3. Added City Comand Center Complex

      Added some stuff, mainly a new building complex with a working elevator.

    Latest reviews

    It was so amazing that my frame-rate started dry-heaving in awe!
    Haha, thanks for the review mate!
    this is acctualy amazing
    I'm glad you do enjoy it <3
    how can i start all the animations like flying cars?, on admin load they do not start to move.
    Thanks for the review and pleas excuse sometimes spread out instructions, under the building process sometimes info is in update notes :)
    Anyhow, you do start all the animations, light, rotations, everything from the central city command building, a cluster of half finished octagonal buildings in the top of the city atmos hexaprism, shipyard side. There is a little armoured room with a central button on some tubes with clear on/off indicators.
    Thanks a lot.
    Thanks for the stars m8!
    Will update this with turrets soonish :)
    It's very big. It took me a while to find my way back to my ship through the mess of fancy detailing.
    Thanks a lot for the rating! And yes, it is big, not looking forward while still looking forward to make this power 2.0, it is big you know ^^
    Especially for Xaubers Vampire Gay Stripclub XD
    Hahahahaha Indeed, I'm glad you are tuned in, gives me a good laugh! Also thanks for the review :)
    your input as a master-builder is awesome :)
    Thank you for the honorable title! ^____^
    It's beautiful.
    Thank you! new version should probably be released tho, much has been added and changed :)
    this is a very impressive build and it very good, my only problem is the central tower, i have a strong computer but it is causing the most FPS problem for me in the city, is there a way to remove it? but any ways its a very good project.
    Thanks for reviewing Pandora Haven! The city is huge and takes much resources if one have high settings in the current game version, if you want to remove the tower you may do it manually. Set the build box in settings to ~500 then set box size to the towers size and remove the tower manually with one click. If the city continues to be enjoyed in future updates, I can make a lightweight version of it when it is finished. ;D
    very nice city
    Thank you for the review! I am glad you like it and hopefully it will improve much further ^^