GHI - Heavy Test Hull

    GHI - Heavy Test Hull 2020-03-23

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    Suited to all post QF builds
    The Gmodism Industries Proudly Brings you:
    GHI - Heavy Test Hull
    The Gmodism Heavy Industries have produced a heavy test hull target in order to test heavy weapons and compare the damage dealt on the surface as well as inside a potential real target. Offers easy comparison in a safe tested enviroment with scientific comparison.

    4 Blocks Standard Armour :: MAIN
    BACKED BY: 2 Blocks Advanced Armour
    ADDITIONAL: 2 Blocks Hull-SYSTEMS::THRUSTERS 15 Blocks-1 Block Hull ENDLAYER

    Special Remarks:

    - Lets you test your heavy arsenal
    - Offers a wide range of realistic and weak, medium and strong targets.
    - Targets simulates heavy armour suited for titan class builds

    javaw 2020-03-08 21-33-37-567.jpg

    javaw 2020-03-08 21-33-52-549.jpg
    javaw 2020-03-08 21-31-30-609.jpg

    If the details confuse you, check out the system we use, first post on the GI forum page.
    Gmodism Industries Shipyard.

    Brought to you by Gmodism Industries.
    Gmodism Industries - Quality and Innovation.
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    Very nicely constructed. Utilitarian, but also has an industrial aesthetic to it. I tried testing some of my weapons against it, and suffice it to say I'll be using the armor layering and much heavier weapons on some of my future builds.