GHI - Heavy Test Hull

    GHI - Heavy Test Hull 2020-03-23

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    Suited to all post QF builds
    The Gmodism Industries Proudly Brings you:
    GHI - Heavy Test Hull
    The Gmodism Heavy Industries have produced a heavy test hull target in order to test heavy weapons and compare the damage dealt on the surface as well as inside a potential real target. Offers easy comparison in a safe tested enviroment with scientific comparison.

    4 Blocks Standard Armour :: MAIN
    BACKED BY: 2 Blocks Advanced Armour
    ADDITIONAL: 2 Blocks Hull-SYSTEMS::THRUSTERS 15 Blocks-1 Block Hull ENDLAYER

    Special Remarks:

    - Lets you test your heavy arsenal
    - Offers a wide range of realistic and weak, medium and strong targets.
    - Targets simulates heavy armour suited for titan class builds

    javaw 2020-03-08 21-33-37-567.jpg

    javaw 2020-03-08 21-33-52-549.jpg
    javaw 2020-03-08 21-31-30-609.jpg

    If the details confuse you, check out the system we use, first post on the GI forum page.
    Gmodism Industries Shipyard.

    Brought to you by Gmodism Industries.
    Gmodism Industries - Quality and Innovation.
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    Latest reviews

    Really great for testing big guns!!!! Lots of room to take multiple shots. The only good way to improve (or modify) it would be to add shields or different armor thicknesses across the length, but at that point you may as well make dedicated test hull featuring those improvements.
    Very nicely constructed. Utilitarian, but also has an industrial aesthetic to it. I tried testing some of my weapons against it, and suffice it to say I'll be using the armor layering and much heavier weapons on some of my future builds.
    Glad it helps you make good armour and appropriate weapons!
    Also remember that details may change, well happy building!