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    GI_ENSLAVER - Spacebike MK1

    Dangerous and brutal, the latest GI spacebike design

    1. Gmodism
      Game version:
      New Weapons & Power
      The Gmodism Industries Proudly Brings you:
      GI_ENSLAVER - Spacebike
      The Enslaver is dangerous, brutal and dominating. No safety systems, no comfort and a unergonomic cast seat of carbon steel! Optimized for fast acceleration and rumbling screams of darkness from the engine.
      The Enslaver ensures 100Xp+ in streetcred and intimidation.

      Special Remarks:
      - Brutal
      - Dangerous

      Ship Overview:

      javaw 2018-09-01 01-43-12-032.jpg javaw 2018-09-01 01-42-58-909.jpg javaw 2018-09-01 01-42-45-972.jpg

      If the details confuse you, check out the system we use, first post on the GI forum page.
      Gmodism Industries Shipyard.

      Brought to you by Gmodism Industries.
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