Freighter-Hephaestus 2.3

    Hephaestus Class Freighter

    (T) Indicates the total stat including docked entities
    Stats/Pictures are of

    Version 2.3
    Asterisks(*) indicate changes in latest version
    • Integrated 2 Medium Cargo Containers into the ship itself. dramatically increasing the amount of cargo it can carry.
    • Installed a jump drive charger.
    • Installed an Emergency Jump charger. When shields have dropped below 70% the charger will activate automatically enabling a jump to escape attackers.
    • Minor cosmetic finishes
    • Added an alternate version called the 2.3 Lite which does not contain the integrated cargo containers.
    Role: Small Freighter
    Generation: III
    (T)Mass: 1,354*

    Max Cargo Mass: 2,534*
    Power: 203,788.7 Regen: 70,069.4 e/sec*
    (T)L/H/W: 58m/ 32m*/33m*
    Thrust: 862*
    Shields: 60,440* Regen: 1,980 s/sec
    1 Large Cargo Hold*

    118,000 V
    6 Thumper Arrays

    Cannon+Cannon 63%
    Damage: 69.3 x2, 60.7 x2, 56.3 x2
    DPS: 540
    2 Target-Lock Missile Batteries
    Missile+Damage Beam 71.4%
    Damage: 17,485.7
    Beam Tow

    Damage Beam+Cannon 100%+Push Effect 100%
    2 Salvage Cannons
    Salvage+Cannon 100%
    Salvage Power: 26
    212/619 Modules*
    Warp Drive
    581/678 Modules*
    Has a logic Auto Charger connected. Press "Auto Charge" on the flight mode hotbar to activate. Charges to 90% automatically.
    An Emergency Jump charger will automatically activate when shields have dropped below 70%. Having Auto Charge activated will lower the charge time.
    Radar Jammer
    5 Kappa AMS Turrets*

    Hit Points:
    Armor: 524,800*
    Structure: 255,310*

    Hephaestus-Greek Mythology
    The God of the forge and craftsmanship, Hephaestus was responsible for creating the mythical equipment of the gods such as Hermes' winged helmet and sandals and Achillies' Armor. He is associated with industry and was worshiped by artisans throughout ancient Greece.

    When the popular, Armadillo came up for refurbishment it unfortunately did not meet our new higher standards for ship building. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of time refitting it we decided it would be better to design a successor. Enter the Hephaestus, Bigger and more powerful in every way to its predecessor it was developed to take advantage of the our Cargo Packs.

    Numerous attempts at designing the Armadillo's successor had failed. Mostly due to the Standardizing of our Docking Spaces. After some time we've revised some of our docking sizes but chose to maintain our SPV sizes as it has proven to be extremely versatile. 6 new Thumper Arrays have been installed, slow firing but none the less powerful rounds can slice through shields with ease while twin Target Lock Missiles make up the finishing blows. Defensive Systems include a Radar jammer to sneak through hostile territory. A Beam tow has been installed to bring in Freight and any other goods you might find.
    First release
    Last update
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      Integrated 2 Medium Cargo Containers into the ship itself. dramatically increasing the amount of...
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    Awesome I was hoping you would update one of my favorite Transports I love this ship from front to back Thanks for updating and with Cargo pods I cant thank you euff friend. ^_^ 5/5