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    Utilitycraft-Paean Mark II

    Maintenance suit ready to go

    1. Crimson-Artist
      Game version:
      Paean Class Utilitycraft
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      If you'd like to know how I managed to animate this model (and add sound) check this post and this one for the audio.
      (Yellow Text) Indicates docked entity systems

      Stats/Pictures are of
      Version Mark-II
      Asterisks(*) indicate changes in latest version
      *Completely Redeigned from the ground up
      *Added grappler arm for hauling cargo
      *Added Tractor beam to push/pull/hold cargo
      *Removed Shild/power transfer and added Salvage systems

      Role: Maintenance craft, Support suit
      Generation: VI*
      Mass: 383.5*

      Cargo Full: 537.5*
      L/H/W: 56m*/20m*/37m*
      Power Regen: 9,460* e/sec

      Reactor Base Enhancement
      Turn Rate 3
      Thrust: 1,057.5*
      Max Speed: 225.0*
      Armor: Majority Basic Armor with supplementary Standard Armor
      Shields: 17,250*
      Regen: 2,225* s/sec
      1 Cutter Beam (B+C Dam: 330)*
      15,400 Units*
      +154 Additional Mass when full
      1 Tractor Beam (Power: 435)*
      3 Astrotech Beam (Repair: 21)*
      3 Salvage Beams (Power: 200)*
      1 Cargo Dock*
      Toggleable Grappler Arm*
      Logic Activated Tractor Beams*

      Hit Points:
      Reactor: 5,340*

      Paean-Greek Mythology

      The god of healing and the physician of Mount Olympus. His knowledge of medicine aided Ares, the God of War on more than one occasion.

      The old Paean has been keeping the shipyard afloat for some time now. Lets give it a tune up!

      The Mark II sees the old doc completely redesigned for the new power and weapon systems. With the new Astrotech systems the Paean can function as a small scale repair vessel. We've also equipped it with Salvage systems so it can help pick clean any wreck or asteroid.

      Its new transport systems have allow it to become a mini tugboat. The tractor beam system is logic driven and will constantly pulse out its beam according to which setting its currently on. All 3 settings can be toggled to at any given time. To deactivate simply deactivate the currently running setting.

      The New Grappler Arm has been designed to no only look cool but can also allow the Paean to forcibly dock ships and any other entity and move them around accordingly.​
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    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: Mark II
      maintnence suit porbably the HEV suit. :/
    2. AngelusKutona
      Version: Mark II
      Love the design. Really cool to have around a station.
    3. Rand_Al_Thorn
      Version: 1.0
      for some reason I cannot get this ship to load into my catalog. I like the idea of it though