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    Orbitalcannon-Uriel Mark II

    Smite evil in all directions

    1. Crimson-Artist
      Game version:
      Uriel Class Orbitalcannon

      If you'd like to know how I managed to animate this model (and add sound) check this post and this one for the audio.
      (Yellow Text) Indicates docked entity systems

      Stats/Pictures are of
      Version Mark II
      Asterisks(*) indicate changes in latest version
      *Completely Redesigned from the ground up
      *Readjusted all weapons
      *Removed push pull systems, replaced with modular Thruster docks
      *Added Gyroscopic AMS Turrets
      Role: Omni-Directional Turret, Orbital Weapon, Movable Turret
      Generation: VI*
      Mass: 3,909.5*
      L/H/W: 100m*/85m*/85m*
      Power Regen: 64,130* e/sec

      Reactor Base Enhancement*
      Turn Rate 3*
      Base Shield Enhancement*
      Shield Outage Redux 2*
      Base Armor Enhancement*
      Kinetic Armor 2*
      Thrust: 168.2*
      Max Speed: 40.7*
      Armor: Solid Standard Armor
      Shields: 245,300*

      Regen: 6,325* s/sec
      4 Atlas Cannon (C+B+K Dam: 135,000)*
      4 Target Lock Missiles (M+B Dam: 46,910.4)*
      4 Thumper Arrays ( C- Dam: 2,660)*
      4 Shredder Arrays ( C+C Dam: 216)*
      4 Photon Arrays ( B+M Dam: 280)*
      4 Gyro-AMS Turrets
      2 Shredder Arrays (C+C Dam:48)*
      4 Thruster Docks

      Hit Points:
      Reactor: 46,900*

      Uriel-Jedeo-Christian Archangel
      Meaning "God is my light", Uriel is often seen as the Angel of wisdom and repentance. As one of God's Cherubs he guards the Garden of Eden with a Fiery Sword.

      The Uriel has been left out of many of our refit schedules due to shifting priorities. That has ended. It time for our angel to return!

      The Mark II has been in the works for a long time. Its beauty is as great as its destructive power! We've completely redesigned the Uriel for the new power and weapon system from Schemadyne. Its main batteries are designed to puncture enemy outer hulls while its quad missile systems pepper it from all angles.

      Its middle Halo contains several more weapon systems. The Main Shredder arrays of lay down a constant line of fire to keep the enemy's shield down. Its Thumper arrays hammer through additional armor while the Photon beams elegantly cleave their way through everything else.

      While on its own the Uriel is not very mobile. However it can be equipped with additional modular thruster such as the Talaria.​
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    1. Mark II: Weapon Upgrade

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: Mark II
      thanks, ill try and fit the thing onto a ship and see how well it handles
      also secondary anme for this:BFG 10000
    2. Markus_McCloud
      Version: 1.0
      Exhibit A: Uriel Class Orbital Cannon
      Exhibit B: An indestructible--
      Exhibit B: A smoldering crater.
    3. Batavium
      Version: 1.0
      Put four around my home base and called forth a wave of Pirates. And the same awesome stuff that’s in the video happend right then and there. What more can one say? AMAZING!

      Those looking for access to the Core. There are two diagonal openings between wedges to the core. They are lit from the inside by two Ice Crystal Wedges next to the Core.
    4. gabs117
      Version: 1.0
      once again youv done it, aewsome ship, love the look and the power.
      if i may though, 2 questions, that station in the last picture, pls tell me your gonna release that,
      second, do you plan on making a LARGER version of this orbital defense
      1. Crimson-Artist
        Author's Response
        thank you! that station is not mine. its one of the new default station from the default station contest. i believe its called Tranquility Station, it should be on this website.

        Secondly, indeed. I have plans on making a larger anti-Capital Orbital Cannon. think something along the lines of the MAC cannons from Halo. A station Built around a Massive Gun