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    Freighter-Hephaestus 2.3

    Hauling goods from here to there

    1. Integrated Cargo: Version 2.3

      • Integrated 2 Medium Cargo Containers into the ship itself. dramatically increasing the amount of cargo it can carry.
      • Installed a jump drive charger.
      • Installed an Emergency Jump charger. When shields have dropped below 70% the charger will activate automatically enabling a jump to escape attackers.
      • Minor cosmetic finishes
      • Added an alternate version called the 2.3 Lite which does not contain the integrated cargo containers.
    2. Cargo Upgrade: Version 2.2

      updated the OP with changes
    3. Scanners: Version 2.1

      Updated OP with Information
    4. Jump Enabled: Version Mark II

      A Massive Update to the Hephaestus
      • Installed New Warp Drive
      • Refinished Hull
      • Recalibrated Systems
      New Stats
      Role: Freighter, Small Scale Tugboat
      Generation: III
      Mass: 852.4*
      Power: 202,454 Regen: 58,182 e/sec*
      L/H/W: 58m/ 29m/29m