Freighter-Hephaestus 2.3

    • Integrated 2 Medium Cargo Containers into the ship itself. dramatically increasing the amount of cargo it can carry.
    • Installed a jump drive charger.
    • Installed an Emergency Jump charger. When shields have dropped below 70% the charger will activate automatically enabling a jump to escape attackers.
    • Minor cosmetic finishes
    • Added an alternate version called the 2.3 Lite which does not contain the integrated cargo containers.
    Role: Small Freighter
    Generation: III
    (T)Mass: 1,354*

    Max Cargo Mass: 2,534*
    Power: 203,788.7 Regen: 70,069.4 e/sec*
    (T)L/H/W: 58m/ 32m*/33m*
    Thrust: 862*
    Shields: 60,440* Regen: 1,980 s/sec
    1 Large Cargo Hold*

    118,000 V
    6 Thumper Arrays

    Cannon+Cannon 63%
    Damage: 69.3 x2, 60.7 x2, 56.3 x2
    DPS: 540
    2 Target-Lock Missile Batteries
    Missile+Damage Beam 71.4%
    Damage: 17,485.7
    Beam Tow

    Damage Beam+Cannon 100%+Push Effect 100%
    2 Salvage Cannons
    Salvage+Cannon 100%
    Salvage Power: 26
    212/619 Modules*
    Warp Drive
    581/678 Modules*
    Has a logic Auto Charger connected. Press "Auto Charge" on the flight mode hotbar to activate. Charges to 90% automatically.
    An Emergency Jump charger will automatically activate when shields have dropped below 70%. Having Auto Charge activated will lower the charge time.
    Radar Jammer
    5 Kappa AMS Turrets*

    Hit Points:
    Armor: 524,800*
    Structure: 255,310*
    updated the OP with changes
    Updated OP with Information

    A Massive Update to the Hephaestus
    • Installed New Warp Drive
    • Refinished Hull
    • Recalibrated Systems
    New Stats
    Role: Freighter, Small Scale Tugboat
    Generation: III
    Mass: 852.4*
    Power: 202,454 Regen: 58,182 e/sec*
    L/H/W: 58m/ 29m/29m
    Thrust: 858*
    Shields: 14,181 Regen: 1,072 s/sec
    Arsenal: 4 Thumper Arrays (190 DPS), 2 Durga Cannons (Dumb Missile; Dam: 750)
    Extra: Beam Tow, Sub-Warp Drive, 12 Storage Chests, Warp Drive (605/427 Modules)*
    Docks: 2 Standardized SPV Docks
    Price: 3,351,379 Credits*