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    Cerberus Turret MK-IV

    Now ready to fill some flak!

    1. Crimson-Artist
      Game version:
      Cerberus Class Turret

      If you'd like to know how I managed to animate this model (and add sound) check this post and this one for the audio.
      (Yellow Text) Indicates docked entity systems

      Stats/Pictures are of
      Version Mark IV
      Asterisks(*) indicate changes in latest version

      *Completely redesigned from the ground up
      *Increased the power of Weapon systems
      Role: Flak Filler, Small Turret
      Generation: VI*
      Mass: 70.4*
      L/H/W: 17m*/6m*/9m*
      Power Regen: 1,500* e/sec

      Chamber(s): N/A
      Thrust: 207.2*
      Max Speed: 225.0*
      Armor: Solid Standard Armor
      Shields: N/A*

      Regen: N/A* s/sec
      1 Atlas Cannon ( C+B Dam: 930)*
      2 Shredder Arrays ( C+C Dam: 88.7)*

      Hit Points:
      Reactor: 600*

      Cerberus-Greek Mythology
      The Guard dog of hell. Cerberus was said to have three heads that only hungered for the flesh of the living. Making the dead the only ones able to pass.

      The Cerberus has finally received its long awaited refit!

      The New Mark IV has been completely redesigned for the newest Schemadyne tech. While not the most powerful it can be quite the problem in large quantities. The majority of its internal systems are dedicated to thrust so any ship that equips it can increase its own thruster capabilities.​

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    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: MK-IV
      alternate name:MAC Cannon