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    Crimson-Artist's Cinematic Filming Kit 2.0

    Use the same tools that I use to make Videos+ Video tutorial

    1. Crimson-Artist
      Game version:
      Crimson-Artist's Cinematic Filming Kit

      Greetings, everyone.

      People have been wondering how I make my videos. Well today I've decided to release all the tools that I use to make my videos. Using these tools I was able to make videos like this


      All cameras contains stealth cloak/jammer and anti-gravity chambers (Except Camera-S). Also has 3 configurable wireless logic modules so you can trigger various logic contraptions on command (Except Camera-S). Each ship uses opened glass doors on all six dimensions in order to slow its turn rate. This can be increased by using the Thrust Management menu.

      An example of smooth camera pans you can do with these cameras.
      Standard all purpose camera ship.​

      Smaller version of the standard camera. Used for interior shots mostly. Lacks chambers and wireless logic toggles.​

      A special version of the normal camera designed to get a smooth zoom in effect by switching cameras.

      A special version of the normal camera designed to get a smooth zoom out effect by switching cameras.

      Logic Templates
      Sometimes you need to use logic circuits to get just the right shot. I've included 4 circuits that I use most frequently.

      10 Second/5 Second Timer= hook these up to a system so you can give yourself enough time to get to your camera ship before the system activates

      Clock-Circuit= A standard Logic Clock. Make a weapon/ system activate repeatedly

      Monostable-Circuit-Z= Turns something on then off

      I hope these help people make some truly awesome videos.
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    1. Maranello
      Version: 1.0
      Finally! Thanks for uploading both the camera ships you use, and the tutorial!
    2. generalBLT13
      Version: 1.0
      Excellent work. <3 it