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    Drone-Pickaxe 2.1

    Pick sectors clean with these Mining Drones

    1. Crimson-Artist
      Game version:
      Pickaxe Class Drone

      If you'd like to know how I managed to animate this model (and add sound) check this post and this one for the audio.
      Stats/Pictures are of
      Version 2.1
      Asterisks(*) indicate changes in latest version
      • Redesign for power 2.0/weapons 3.0
      • Added additional Mining Arrays
      Role: Mining Drone, Small-scale Excavator
      Generation: V
      Mass: 73.6*

      Max Cargo Mass: 108*
      L/H/W: 27m/11m/13m
      Height changes when docked. Rail wings fold up and down.
      Power Regen: 2,200* e/sec
      Chamber(s): N/A
      Thrust: 244.9*
      Max Speed: 225*
      Armor: Solid Basic Armor
      Shields: 1,000*

      Regen: 950* s/sec
      1 Small Cargo Hold

      10,800 V
      7 Salvage Cannons*

      Salvage Power: 200 per tick

      Hit Points:

      Reactor: 880*

      The Pickaxe was always an odd creature within our catalog. Its purpose highly specialized however times keep changing and the old pickaxe was soon forgotten. Fortunately new advances in tech has allowed us to completely redesign the Pickaxe for it to once again take center stage.

      The Mark II is a complete redesign. Infusing it with rail tech the Pickaxe now qualifies as a Drone. It is outfitted with a single powerful salvage array. This array is powerful enough to completely break down blocks of material instantly. When the Pickaxe has been launched it will now spread its wings and fold them back when docked; compacting the overall size of the vessel.
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