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    Drone-Pickaxe 2.1

    Pick sectors clean with these Mining Drones

    1. Version 2.1: Power Update

      Pickaxe Class Drone

      Stats/Pictures are of
      Version 2.1
      Asterisks(*) indicate changes in latest version

      • Redesign for power 2.0/weapons 3.0
      • Added additional Mining Arrays...
    2. Rail Update: Version Mark-II

      • Completely redesigned for rails.
      • Role changed from drop pod to mining drone
      Role: Mining Drone, Small-scale Excavator
      Generation: V*
      (T)Mass: 69.9*
      (T)L/H/W: 27m/11m*/13m*

      Height changes when docked. Rail wings fold up and down.
    3. Salvage Torpedo: Version 1.1

      A minor but big update for the Pickaxe
      • Installed a Logic system that Automatically activates the salvage arrays to start mining when the pickaxe collides with something. Allowing it to fully realize its potential as a planetary mining droppod
      • Installed a second Salvage System to aid in the auto mining system as well as optimizing the salvage systems with Cannons
      • Connected the Salvage arrays to the Storage chests
      • Added a Master off...