Devastator class battleship 3.75

    A Ship with both offensive and defensive configs

    1. Fixes

      Just did some quick fixes to the ship. Also added a Battleflag which can be activated in the second tab.
    2. fixes

      This update just fixes some things on the ship.
    3. Bombing missles

      Added Bombardment missiles to the ship's weapons.
    4. Better back and airlock

      *Added airlock
      *Better loocking ship back

      20170620141427_1.jpg 20170620141419_1.jpg
    5. Fixes and improvements

      20170619205807_1.jpg 20170619205759_1.jpg So first of all, I deleted the blocks that were blocking the entry and also took the exposed power generators away. The Improvement is that the power generates more, meaning you can now fire the main cannon while moving. Also now you can see a difference between the Devastator attack and the Executor defense. The Difference is the Bridge antennas. The Devastator doesn't have one while the Executor has one.