Devastator class battleship 3.75

    A Ship with both offensive and defensive configs

    1. saywuuuuuut
      The Devastator class is the Biggest ship I've ever made. It has similar weapons like the couster class. But it has some new systems that the couster class doesn't have. For weapons, it has 6 Heavy cannon launcher, 2 Missiles, 4 nuke launchers, Bombardment Missles, 18 heavy turret Cp-OD Terra type, 4 Medium ranged Beam turret Bb Nova type and 6 automated missile launchers. I also mentioned "new technology". This ship has two jump inhibitor domes and also a radar jammer. 20170608201652_1.jpg 20170608201801_1.jpg

      20170608201731_1.jpg 20170608201735_1.jpg

      With the file also comes the defensive version of the ship. The Executor.
      This ship will be still updated in the future.

      ps: i found turrets for my ship here. Credit to gmodism:Resources from Gmodism.
      I forgot who made the 6 missile turrets. feel free to tell me that you made the turrets.


      1. 20170607213636_1.jpg
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    1. Peekie30
      Version: 1.0
      Nice colour scheme! looks like the love child of my battlecruiser and an Imperial Star Destroyer. I like
      1. saywuuuuuut