1. joshspaceboy

      J-Tech Titan Class Flagship: The Solar Lion (WIP) 0.5

      J-Tech Presents its biggest work in progress: The Titan Class Flagship, commissioned as The Solar Lion. This massive Titan sized ship at well over 1 Million mass will put your computer to the test. Designed to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as extremely capable in combat, It is a jack...
    2. DeepspaceMechanic

      Pleiades fleet - "Asterope" destroyer flagship v1.2

      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents Asterope, the flagship of the Pleiades Fleet. This ship is named after the brightest component of the Pleiades open cluster of stars. It's 260m long, falls into the destroyer category by my standards, and is the toughest member of its fleet. This download...
    3. L

      ISS Nightfall 2020-04-20

      - 600k Storage Size - Lock-On Missiles with 21 missile cap - Tractor Beam - Damage Beam - High Speed cannons - 354k Shields - Bobby AI equipped - Escape Pod - Large Hangar Bay
    4. saywuuuuuut

      Devastator class battleship 3.75

      The Devastator class is the Biggest ship I've ever made. It has similar weapons like the couster class. But it has some new systems that the couster class doesn't have. For weapons, it has 6 Heavy cannon launcher, 2 Missiles, 4 nuke launchers, Bombardment Missles, 18 heavy turret Cp-OD Terra...
    5. Markus_McCloud

      Any plans for FTL's Rebel Flagship?

      Yup, it's me again. So I've been playing a whole lot of FTL: Faster Than Light. I've played countless games, hoping that just ONCE, I'll be able to make it to the Last Stand. Each time, however, I've failed one way or another. Hell, in a particularly unlucky run, I jumped straight into an...
    6. Crashmaster

      HMS Vistory 1:7 scale exact replica v2

      HMS Victory is a 104-gun first-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, ordered in 1758, laid down in 1759 and launched in 1765. She is best known as Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. 1.6 T:M 1 C/Dp cannon
    7. Admiral_Kirk

      18th Century Flagship Contest - Real Money Giveaway To Winner!

      HELLO, WELCOME TO MY CONTEST! My Contest is about to try and make a 18th Century Flagship similar to the image of the ship Below. WHO EVER CAN MAKE THIS SHIP ALMOST PERFECTLY... I WILL BE AWARDING THE WINNER WITH OF THEIR CHOICE OF... 1. $50 DOLLAR STEAM GIFT CARD. 2. $25 DOLLAR GOOGLE...
    8. Admiral_Kirk

      18th Century Flagship Contest - WITH REAL MONEY WINNER GIVE-AWAY

      HELLO, WELCOME TO MY CONTEST! My Contest is about to try and make a 18th Century Flagship similar to the image of the ship Below. WHO EVER CAN MAKE THIS SHIP ALMOST PERFECTLY... I WILL BE AWARDING THE WINNER WITH OF THEIR CHOICE OF... 1. $50 DOLLAR STEAM GIFT CARD. 2. $25 DOLLAR GOOGLE...
    9. saywuuuuuut

      Couster class battleship V 5.75

      After weeks of work i finished a ship that is bigger than my older ones and can even fight a constatution class refit, i finally present you the Couster class battleship. This ship was built to be able to fight the npcs. the ones who will come in a few weeks (i hope). This ship goes to 400 m+...
    10. saywuuuuuut

      New hope class Battleship 1.0

      So this is a new design for my ships. Its larger, has better weapons, has better shield and more. The New hope class Battleship should be capable of destroying a whole fleet of isant type ships. Maybe even bigger ones. Her weapons are: 2 Barrels of Heavy Cannons, 1 nuke, 2 Swarm missle launchers...
    11. TranzorZed

      Adamant Deep Space Mining Cruiser V2a Turrets

      Bro Star Manufacturing is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Warminer family. Meet the Adamant, Deep Space Mining Cruiser. The Adamant DSMC was designed with a singular goal in mind: To spend extended periods in distant locations, and return to the homebase with a sizeable...
    12. saywuuuuuut

      Starknife Class Battleship 1.1

      The Starknife Class is the First star wars styled ship i made. Its a ship heavily made for offensive. So its an attack ship. This ship has 3 shuttles and a fighter. 24 automated cannons, 2 Swarm missiles and 1 homing missiles.Front:BackOpened Hangar:Closed HangarHangar with shuttles and...
    13. saywuuuuuut

      Yorktown Class 1.8

      The Yorktown class is the biggest and most powerful ship i ever made. Its a mix between the USS Vengeance and the USS Enterprise 1701-E. This ship has everything you need for combat. i will still add a cargo bay in the future after i find some space :D. UPDATE: So i added the cargobay.
    14. ASM

      STL-00 FC-Ulysses RE5

      Synoro Technologies ASM Presents STL-00 FC-Ulysses (Flagcruiser/Battleship) Originally built in contract with a faction called "Khanid Domain", but then later turned into a major project to turn her into the first flagship of Synoro Technologies. While this took me a very long time to...
    15. spaceinvaderzim

      [VEB Robotron] Medium Frigate "Sigmund Jaehn" with mining probes and 370k cargo capacity 2.0

      3D model available! Update 2.0: Fleet update - see update description for details Disclaimer: This vessel originally ships with Cyrillic deocrative labelling. Nevertheless, instructions on buttons etc. are English. If you prefer to download a solely English labelled vessel, please proceed...
    16. A


      This is my flagship it has 560,411 blocks and 64.500 millions of mass and 10 turrets desined by skylordluke http://starmadedock.net/content/skycorp-turrets-starter-pack-1.2782/ it has 115milions of energy with 2.5 milion regeneration it has 30milion trust 1.0 1.1 1.0 turn speed 5.5milions of...
    17. Unnamed25

      Trascendence 1.0

      The Trascendence, my capital ship for a long time on the Elwyn Eternity server while it was #2. (so its "slightly" outdaded), and it its not meant to be good looking It is quite a large ship, at around 11mil blocks so its one of the largest ships on the community content that i know of. Here...