1. Dire Wolf

      Predator Class Battlecruiser MK01

      Stats: Pending Features: - 8 Close range Beams - High Speed - Strong Shields for class/size - Nuke Missile weapon Lore: Pending
    2. Dire Wolf

      Magnum Class Light Frigate 2022-07-13

      Stats: Reactor Blocks: 1499 Thrust Ratio: 5 / Max Speed: 607.9 (when inherit thrust is active) Shield Cap: 330,275 Recharge after upkeep: 1789 Weapons: Sniper Cannon (2 groups) Total Blocks: 855 Lock one Missile Turret (light) Specials Features: - Anti-lock - Automatic Thruster reconfiguration...
    3. Dire Wolf

      Raider Class Frigate MK01

      Stats: Reactor Blocks: 2999 Thrust Ratio: 2.8 Max Speed: 436.6 Shield Cap: 437,800 Recharge after upkeep: 5048 Weapons: Lock-On Missiles (2 groups) Total Blocks: 1436 LRT-02 Death Beam Turret (2) Scout Class AMS (1) Special Features: - You must activate the ship's computer clock on the bridge...
    4. J

      RealDebris 0.1

      Features Block Dropping Normally, breaking a block causes it to disappear into the void, but now, they are dropped into space! Pickup In Inventory Picking up a block will put it in the first named inventory of your piloted ship. Batching Blocks are batched to reduce lag, so if you break...
    5. IR0NSIGHT

      Venom 2021-12-29

      The Venom was designed to defend stations against enemy battleships, deployed in big groups. It proved to be far to small and its 4 frontal cannons outgunned very fast, leading to only 3 of these ships ever being produced. Instead it was rebuilt into the SnakeEye...
    6. IR0NSIGHT

      SnakeEye 2

      This 20k mass corvette comes in at 146m length and was purpose built for station defense, deployed in fleets of 10 ships, using Wolfpack tactics against much larger ships. Its armed with a heavy heat-seaking missile launcher (4k blocks) and a backup beam weapon (1.5k blocks) to counter the...
    7. S

      Wolf Spider Long Range Stealth Bomber 2020-02-26

      Having trouble with a station or ginormous battlewagon? Do your assault teams need a way through that armored hull, NOW? No problem! Neo Echota Drive Yards is proud to present the Wolf Spider Long-Range Stealth Bomber as your new personal can-opener! A single cyclopean pulse-laser is available...
    8. TheDerpGamerX

      [PvP and RP] Skies of Eden StarMade Server

      Join Skies of Eden! We are a fast growing server dedicated to giving our players the best StarMade experience! We have custom events and passive mining station scripts. We will have custom NPC factions complete with lore and custom scripted interactivity. Pirates and NPCs will call for...
    9. Jake_Lancia

      Trident Foundries [Back again]

      Welcome to Trident Foundries. Who are we? We are an industrial faction that has existed since February 2013, and we are a founding member of the Union of Intergalactic States faction alliance. Originally created by crazyf22raptor and I on NASS, we have expanded massively since then. We exist...
    10. DeepspaceMechanic

      Geezer-class frigate v1

      Frigate-sized warship, built specifically for QuickFire configs. Note: you can find all of its internal protective filling by searching for Yellow Basic Armor with the "highlight blocks in dropdown" option; hull's inner lining consists of yellow standard and orange advanced. Download its shell...
    11. Energywelder

      Balancing blocks gut-check

      So apparently there's a large debate going concerning someone's PvP ship which may or may not be a "cheat" and which i'm not weighing in on OR touching with a 31 and a half foot pole. Instead I want to see if people's moods have changed on balancing non-cube blocks since the last time i asked...
    12. Malum Phasma

      MB-s177 Stinger 1.0

      The Pitch: Introducing Malum's Malignant Machineries MB-s177 Stinger guided missile Turret! Don't like blocky shaped turrets? Need those pretty exposed internals on your weaponry? Then go elsewhere because here at MMM we pride ourselves on building nothing but machines of impending doom! Tired...
    13. Lord_Latterous

      shitty meta pvp ship 1.0

      so uh you want some game breaking ship? here zit is~ although this version is a bit broken whoops - the xbb clock works as far as i know this is the ship i used in most of my w2 pvp videos EDIT: i might of uploaded the wrong version of this ship without the damage reduction chamber woops
    14. Malum Phasma

      AM-010 Muriela 0.82

      The Pitch: Introducing Malum's Malignant Machineries medium class miner, the AM-010 Muriela! Don't like blocky shaped craft? Want a comfy bed or toilet on your mining ship? Then go elsewhere because here at MMM we pride ourselves on building nothing but machines that get the job done! Tired of...
    15. Malum Phasma

      DD-001 Praetor 0.93

      The Pitch: Introducing for the first time available for the public to laugh at, Malum's Malignant Machineries proudly presents the DD Praetor! Don't like blocky shaped craft? Need that coffee break room in your ship? Then go elsewhere because here at MMM we pride ourselves on building nothing...
    16. aceface

      Pandora Home Base station v1

      Pandora Homebase Station Designed to be relatively economical to get in without extra unecessary stuff that costs a lot of resources. (Ships not included) Autocrafting Has an autocrafting system for the shipyard for easy ship production. See this video to understand how it works. Housing...
    17. aceface

      Sacrilege Heavy Assault Cruiser v1

    18. aceface

      Kestrel Cruiser from FTL v1

      The ship looks like this in the game: In StarMade: Some art subset games had of it in 3d, which was the main source to turning the 2d ship into 3d. Docked at the Fortune Hunters homebase on the xdrx starmade EU vanilla server: The ship is a multipurpose ship. Features: - Internal...
    19. I

      The Lance MK1-1K

      I made this a while ago, on a survival server. Its incomplete, because it got blown up, and I haven't had the heart to continue it. expect errors, unfinished parts, and no enterance other than teleporters. perhaps, one day, i'll complete this build. until then, enjoy. Conference room secondary...
    20. BlueNationPrez

      BlueNationHeavyBattleShip 2019-07-08

      A massive capital grade battleship with lots of turrets and fire power. This is my first ship upload so enjoy :) Any Bugs on the ship, you can fix. This is public. Stats ================== Mass: 18.3k Blocks: 166.5k Max speed:48.0 Shields: 1.315M Turrets: 35 Authors Notes ============== I am...