Conjugator-Class Battlecruiser

    Conjugator-Class Battlecruiser 0.75.1

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    Introduction and history
    The Conjugator Class was a heavy Experimental refit of a Dauntlas-class light cruiser built with the purpose of slimming the line between ORTs heavier carriers and their light cruisers. The class ultimately never was able to meet the expected performance that ORT Hi-com desired due to power failures and thus the class was canceled and only a few ships of the line were produced. The few ships that were produced were produced to late in the war on communism to take part, but they were still used to deter the communist remnant that remained in the galaxy after their defeat. The class was given duties to carry out stealth and reconnaissance missions, each ship would normally carry one ORT stealth fighter and collect intel on enemy and ally factions alike.

    Length: 322m
    Width: 65m
    Height: 28m
    Blocks: 81,266
    Mass: 13k
    Shields: 864k
    ShieldRegen: 33k
    ReactorHP: 202,840

    Creators note-
    This class is considered a late war design as it took lessons learned during the war with with communist forces into consideration. The class ultimately acted as a test bed for these new lessons for implementation into larger ORT Capital ships. This Class suffers from power drawbacks and that ultimately is what caused its downfall and is the reason this ship was not built in higher numbers. There is a version of this ship with 1.6m shields and I will look through ORT Records for that variant.


    Conjugators engine cluster inspired from the Dauntlas-Refit.

    View of the upper command bridge from the exterior of the ship.

    View of the Conjugators new Standard ORT Turrets. The ship is equipped with, 6 anti fighter turrets, 6 ams turrets and 1 beam turret.

    The Conjugator still retains the old Dauntlas class bridge but now features a much larger interior.

    Bridge view from the Conjugator class.

    Interior hallway leading to the Hanger.

    Escape pods
    The Conjugator is the first ORT ship to be eqiuped with escape pods. The ship features an escape pod located on each side of the the ship.
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