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    A: So far the “designated personnel only” is realized by the faction ranks. It may be possible to add faction permission modules for every rank in the faction, so it could be easier to have multiple tiers of access on the same entity. - AndyPAndyP

    Mobile undeathinators may be a thing for the future. It works and is tested for now with the saving of the logout position on a multiplayer server. Reconnecting will spawn you on the same ship, wherever it has been moved to. For mobile undeathinators, it would need to have a list of at least one fallback undeathinator, in case the ship gets destroyed. - schemaschema

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    The weapons update is nearing release, and its scope is possibly even bigger than the power update.

    StarMade News - StarMade Weapons Update - Prebuild

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    - schema and the Schine Team
    Hello, here's the answers from the last QA.

    A: You will be able to control most of your ships and stations in some sort of remote commands, like fleets for example. However, some actions may still require your personal presence to be properly executed. - AndyPAndyP

    A: We’ve sort of replied to this question already in a previous QA. - DukeofRealmsDukeofRealms

    A: We will likely do a lot of that towards the middle/end of the universe update. - schemaschema

    A: Yes, we currently have an invite-only community Discord, which we’ve used as a limited test trial. It’s done well and we will be opening it up to the public not too long from now. (We are not currently adding any new members.) - DukeofRealmsDukeofRealms

    Apologies for the delay, here's the answers to our last QA :) We are behind by 2 QAs, due on the 12th and the 26th, if we're able to get enough questions for the next QA fast enough, we'll do two QAs over two weeks to catch up.

    Questions are open for the next one here: [12th of May] Schine Bi-weekly Q&A

    A: We would like to try a linear model first, but if we see that it won’t fit our requirements, we will likely switch to an exponential one. - schemaschema

    A: As we move on with the universe update (which is affecting all play styles, especially players that don’t fight), we will release milestones as dev builds along the way - schemaschema

    A: These features are on our list, but I can’t say yet with certainty if it will be exactly that way. We always wanted to make some kind of hybrid of space...
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    Sorry for the delay, here's the last QA. Answers for the next one will be coming out soon :)

    A: This is entirely possible, however there are no current plans to introduce this features in a major way. There were talks of instanced areas when it came to new tutorial systems or the new player experience. There has also been talk of this with regards to lore based content when that was brought up. It has yet to be seen how far we want to take these aspects of gameplay, and how we integrate such areas with multiplayer to fully realize the needs of such a system.

    As for old technology, it is unlikely we will bring back outdated equipment in such a manner unless it was truly used in a different way. - CrissCriss

    Old stuff will likely not come back since keeping them alive kinda clutters up things in the code compared to the later designs that are much cleaner. However, in the universe update we will probably be introducing resources that are loot only or rewards for activities other than mining/shopping. -...