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    What happened to Starmade?

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DemonOrca95, May 14, 2019.

    1. JinM

      Jun 11, 2016
      yeah Minecraft did it right imo. we had mobs and npcs that gave life to the world, and the pvp was actually blunt but it was worthwhile.

      I don't know why Schema never tried to fix the balance between beams cannons and missiles. - But right now it would be even better if we only had cannons, and a thrust that is slow enough so we can hit each other.

      I see talent from a development perspective, but from a gameplay adding perspective I see that he really needs to learn something.
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    2. SchnellBier

      Sep 10, 2014
      Yeah everyone who likes a different part of the game than you is obviously a screeching fanboy. So please show me a space game with better building so I can move on. Oh you can't? Well I also can't find one.
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    3. OfficialCoding

      OfficialCoding Currently Fleet Building

      Nov 8, 2017
      good roast, for once I agree with something you say lol
    4. ManhattenProject

      Jan 12, 2015
      you're mostly right in that starmade still has some of the best building of any space lego game, issue is that it used to have good building and good systems so you could take good looking ships and go have fights with them. so the game isnt as horrible for you if you happen to only like building shells and dont care about pvp. supposedly avorion has good building if you want to go check that out
    5. Sachys

      Sachys Hermit.

      Nov 30, 2015
      most of the people i know who bought it refunded it tbf
    6. rradt2001

      Nov 23, 2014
      Man coming back here brings back memories, and seeing the game so dormant makes me kinda sad. I tried to get back into this game but the new power system was a little to confusing. So I just quit, hopefully the universe update brings the game to relevancy again.
    7. Ciggofwar

      Ciggofwar Home of Titan Guard

      Sep 11, 2013
      Can we actually get the 2013 version still? The reason is that's what I really enjoyed ~ because it had sound and adjustable sliders for your turrets, it was simple to interface with.
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    8. Tsnonak

      Tsnonak Let's_Kautsch!

      Dec 14, 2014
      with that 2020 flare please!

      check this: Index of /build/

      old launcher: Downloads - Star Made
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    9. Chckn Wildstyle

      Chckn Wildstyle Design Head of Cabal Weapons/Technologies (CWT)

      Feb 8, 2014
      Games like these require servers that can attract fans at the beginning. Minecraft had these, Rust had these, Ark had these, etc., but this game has never been easy, or at least decent, for server owners. Too many features that could have went well were never fully implemented. Pirate waves, for one, would allow customization in the menu for server owners, but there was never actually any code in the backend to make it work. It would pick 1, and only 1, of the 10 waves you could customize and only spawn that. It made the enemies (even ones created by players) stale or overpowered or both.

      There was no way to limit player movement either in game. In a game like this, having people piss off to 1 million sectors in some direction and essentially play single player on a server is also no way to breed engagement among the players. Resource scarcity was then never a thing as when one system was stripped dry, there was always another star system.

      Many features also got ripped out for no reason that were actually quite nice. I remember the Cubatom system where you could synthesize blocks out of other blocks. Not necessary, yes, but cool and still at least a little functional. <-- Scrapped. I also remember when ores had levels from 1 to 5 so that some ore would be more valuable than others and people would use them to barter at different rates. <-- Scrapped.

      Then there comes the feedback from players. The devs never seemed to listen to the players in any meaningful way other than keeping yes-men around them. PvPers had plenty of balancing ideas for power and weapons that would have fixed things without needing to rip out and remake a system several times. PvPers wanted to help, but when being ignored at every turn they couldn't, I couldn't, help but be jaded at the devs. It was patently obvious that the devs didn't really understand the balancing of their own game because they didn't play it enough to possibly be able to.

      On top of this is a toxic forum. And not in a toxic way that you might think. Nothing can be negative. At all. Ever. Notice that the only thing you can do is like a post. Not dislike, just like. Also refer to how useless the ratings are in the CC. I can go on about this, but I don't want this post to get deleted by a salty boy.

      This game had a myriad of problems, has a myriad of problems. Perhaps with one or two it could have survived, but the overall bombardment of issues from all sides led this game down the path that it is on today. If I had to pick one specifically that ruined it, I would say the issue of servers. Minecraft, Rust, Ark, etc. lives and dies on servers. Should the game have been a little more friendly to server owners (given that they have for a long time asked for simple fixes/improvements that could go a long way) then we would probably have a much larger active player base because people would have something to invest in.

      Right now, I am waiting. I don't expect this game to ever take off or end up being playable, but in the small chance it does, I will come back to play. We had the Yogswave and that was the peak, if we can ever have something like that again it will be a miracle.
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