State of development and where do I go now?


    Count Duku
    Sep 4, 2013
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    DukeofRealms - thanks for these updates. I hear your point on not doing community fundraising, but the approach does leave me wondering how to best support the project going forward? There are lots of games in this genre and I play all of them, but I love Starmade and would gladly join a Patreon or something like that to help support the continued life of this truly precious gem. I would also support DLC, though I know that can be controversial (gah, people bitch about everything, don't they! LOL).

    Anyway, just a fan who is used to paying a subscription for things he likes and who would like to support Starmade in that way as well...
    The honest answer is, I have no idea. Ultimately it's up to schema, he has in the past been against any community fundraising. I get the feeling he is more open to this lately. These days I relay all that I know to the community, which is not as much info as I'd like to be able to share. I try not to occupy too much of schema's time, as I know he's extremely busy outside of StarMade.

    He has been making money elsewhere, we spoke about getting back to StarMade last month. He feels he's getting close to a stable income with good wiggle room for SM development. Unfortunately, one of the big barriers is that the remaining work to be done is rewriting old code (potentially 10 years old). So, he hasn't really been able to chip away here and there, it's a mentally draining task. I think that mountain of work gets to him. Without a safety net, it has to be hard to get back into it.

    What I can say is that I'm extremely grateful for all of your continued interest, suggestions and helping hands. I know schema appreciates it as well. There are a lot of good ideas here, I think the compensation agreements from nightwalker_007 have merit, as well as incorporating performance/stability improvements.

    I'm excited about the progress modders are making, I think I'll make a news post about that soon.
    Aug 4, 2013
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    Thanks for the update DukeofRealms

    The simplest take away I can get is, like the rest of us, Schema has gotten older in life and progressively has to focus on what provides a stable life. In his case it's stepping back from StarMade development. In my case it's stepping back from playing video games. Down the road, hopefully before we die, we'll cross paths again.