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    Vanilla Extension Pack 250 0.201.341xxx Update

    Vanilla Block Extension, Carved Minerals, Crystals, Motherboards, Ingots etc... + Light Wedges!

    1. Tsnonak
      Game version:
      v0.201.142x ... v0.201.341x
      Updated for 0.201.341 LOD!

      Stuck in Space is proud to release the Vanilla Extension Pack 250!

      [SIS] engineers have been putting in overtime!
      We have finally finished R & D on:

      Carved Minerals
      Ice, Lava, Wood, Foliage, Cactus

      All the most wanted blocks in all the wanted shapes!

      As a Bonus we've also added Light Wedges!

      We have encoded all the CNC sequences in ISO Default Standard for upload to all Factories!

      Thats right, count em, thats 250 blocks!
      All using Vanilla-Standard Icons for simple User-friendly implementation!

      Get it while its Hot!

      Just unpack and drop this
      BlockConfigImport.xml in the customBlockConfig folder...

      Path: StarMade/customBlockConfig/

      It's that simple, you're ready for production!

      *Tipp when and if Schine eventually implement these simply swap em!
      No point in waiting! ;)

      Even if that doesn't happen... this is the vanilla-extension to have!

      Experience it Live on the Let's Kautsch Server!

      Hope you Enjoy!
      See you in Space!

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 0.201.341xxx Update
      wonder if this will still be relevant after the universe update...
      1. Tsnonak
        Author's Response
        Hard to say... thanks for the Stars!
    2. wraitheart
      Version: 2018-09-25
      i did this like 3 times but it was before power update got tired of starting over after every update that came out. i was even working on different color shields. glad my thread was useful to someone
      1. Tsnonak
        Author's Response
        sorry to admit, this did not come from your thread, it started with me wanting more carved mineral shapes than just blocks... I have no idea how you came to that conclussion... I also do not understand... if you use "blockConfigImport" it should work through updates?... of course this has nothing todo with custom shield-colors... hope you find it useful!
    3. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 2018-09-25
      epic shit is epic