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    Updated NPCs_2021v03

    Game version
    0.201.378 -
    This is an attempt to rid the universe of Power1.0 stations and ships...

    Are you tired of the Temp NPC block-stations screaming for power, TG-Shops that don't trade...
    TG-Shops now have Storage + owners removed = blocks in Shop-inventory now follow game-trade-config-rules.
    NPCs now have appropriate stations (mining/factory/trade-hub) + power 2.0 ships...

    Note: not all ships/stations have shields, some reactors overload a little = normal*
    Note: If TG-Shop-block-stock is too low they will not trade them, seems they follow game-trade-config-rules!

    v0.202.108 compatible*

    Unzip Folders, ships / stations will need to be placed into appropriate folders...

    PATH: StarMade\server-database\YourWorld\npcFactions

    PATH for Trade Guild is different: StarMade\blueprints-stations\trading-guild

    simply give them the same stations as Traders, be sure to delete the default files!

    CC (community content) has been used for many of the stations/TradeShops/Factories/MiningOutposts, many thanks to the Authors! (Names coming soon/eventually*).
    * MrGrey1 - Thank you for cool-builds!
    *Tech-priest - Thank you for cool-builds!
    *SkylordLuke - Thank you for cool-builds!
    *Criss - Thank you for cool-builds!

    * Apologies if I have missed a name, send me a DM and we will get it sorted...
    currently cannot find the author of the "TempVegaShop" :confused:

    INFO EDIT JAN 30 2020...

    Last testes: New Worlds
    need assets in-place before running new worlds the first time or they will bug-out like pirate stations!

    1. Create NEWWORLD, but do not run it yet!
    2. Place the npcFactions folder in the empty NEWWORLD folder!

    PATH: StarMade\server-database\YourWorld\npcFactions

    Make sure assets are in place before running new worlds!

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    4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. TG-TradeStation fix

      also checked other files for missing SM3 files... all seem ok. game version should not matter...

    Latest reviews

    The sm3 data file is missing for TG-TRADE-HUB, the game spawns a red square instead.

    DM me iff you need more details for a fix, I am going to attempt to source the original model
    Thanks for the heads up, not sure how the SM3 data file got left out (will have to assume something buggy), thankfully I still have the original... should be fixed now (loaded for me in v0.202.108)... let me know if anything else is wonky, cheers!
    I like what you guys have done here. Hey, I downloaded the update, but it seems to be the same as version 1. Only a handful of ships work and the HB is missing the Data files. If you open the header files they still have ver 378 in them. I tested my theory and successfully loaded/exported them using a 378 install.
    sorry for the late response, somehow it went under the radar... the HB should be working now, game version should not present any problems that I am aware of (no garantee on backwards compatibility pre0.201.378*).
    I'm not sure what the problem with ships is, scavengers do not all have shields?