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    Updated Pirate Stations v0.202.87 Update

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    This is just a "simple" Update of the existing pirate stations, Power 2.0 + Turrets + depricated blocks removed.
    MrGrey1's: has also been added, the faction block has been added to the center of the station.*

    1. "Clean" Install: drop the zipfile here: StarMade\data\prefabBlueprints

    and / or...

    2. "Existing" Install: unzip and copy the pirate folder here: StarMade\blueprints-stations

    Back-up original files always recommended...
    Overwrite All, Then create a new world!

    Update: It seems that if you interact with the stations they will reload fine on the next visits (i.e. shootem!)!
    Shooting them forces a re-calculation and is what seems to make the difference.
    The Turrets get buggy the more you visit, but mostly working ok 💩

    They spawn in fine, but will bugout on the return visit if you don't interact with them.
    I have tried this on a clean Install, before first launch, but it still happens.
    At this point I will assume that something with all the recent Updates is un-compatable with the original-outdated-Pirate-Code (old Bug). Please check this Thread:
    This also happens in singleplayer.

    Last Option: unzip and copy the actual pirate station blueprints into your StarMade\blueprints folder, from there you can admin spawn them from the catalog, then select the station in the navigation window and set them to pirate with: /faction_set_entity -1 in the chat channel window.

    Do not use the "Clean up Mob/Admin spawned ships in range" from the blueprint-catalog-window, if you are near the station it will also delete the station turrets.

    Extreme Caution is recommended approaching the MRGS station,
    DeepSpaceMechanics "Lobster" frigate after a short confrontation.
    Good luck!

    Disclaimer: back up you ship blueprint, you're on your own bud!

    This may, or may not be updated in the future, testing done.
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    Latest reviews

    Doing gods work here. I have developed a deep hatred for super old pirates: They dont overheat, their turrets start undocking and swarming you and th turrets dont overheat as well. Vanilla pirates are the most frustrating experience i know, and this blueprint pack solves all of it.

    Also the added HQ station is quite nice, altough overloaded with turrets imo. Still a nice station.
    the frigate i'd recomend is the gold ol "Pillar of Autumn"