1. balbrock

      Balbrock's Graphic pack

      Complete texture pack to make the game clearer, less unpleasant for the eyes and more coherent. In addition it brings a small graphical improvement. Download link : 128.19 MB file on MEGA What the mod contains: -Retexture of the menus and the interface in order to remove the blue, make it less...
    2. 1

      Bug Block textures are wrong

      When I am switching to an old version and then to the newest, a combination of right and wrong block textures are used. Redownloading does not help.
    3. kupu

      Pixel: under construction

      This is currently under construction, please backup your entire Starmade installation before installing. This is not an official resource. Some textures are incomplete. This is currently not Server compatible. If you're a solo player or builder, check it out. If not, wait until this is split...
    4. Crimson-Artist

      Sketchfab Beautification Textures 201.130+

      Ever since Starmadedock has had Sketchfab integration I have been interested in improving the look of the 3D models that we can import into it. While only a few players will go through the effort of importing their ships into Sketchfab I have also noticed that when they do they very often just...
    5. Xpertice

      When to use Motherboard/Circuits vs Hull/Armor (power 2.0)

      It would seem that many, newcomers or not, would misuse or underuse the motherboard, circuit/charged circuit, and hull/armor blocks. This has minutes ago become a huge disappointment to me and I will write a simple guide to use these. Like any guide there will be people who post "Oh, I already...
    6. N

      Power 2.0: Factories charge progress indicator, and self-powering

      EDIT: Looks like the factories powered off the power 2.0 system are bugged in 200.123 a this time... EDIT 2: Well geez... turns out asteroids generate a small amount of power like ships cores do... no need for a power beam anymore! Awesome! This is specific to the new power system, which is...
    7. Markus_McCloud

      Sky-Box Request: Sectors X, Y, and Z from Star Fox 64

      This is exactly what it sounds like: I really want the sky textures from Star Fox 64's three nebulae (Sector X, Sector Y, and Sector Z) each as a StarMade skybox.
    8. A

      Place angle blocks together with out extra ship

      I use an extra docked ship on a two block rail and raise it into place when I want to add angle textures like this... Being able to do this with out the extra ship and with out having to raise th blocks into place would be awesome.
    9. Rectorian

      Non-Clear Glass Option for Build Mode

      So I was building my Station and was having troubles building my main part because it consisted of a fully glass dome. My main issue is that I like to have the design sort of "Smooth". Basically it doesn't have any 90° angles . But because the glass is clear and hard to see, it ended up not...
    10. Benevolent27

      Server Texture Options

      Before anyone says anything, yes I know that custom textures are broken. So, on with the ideas. I have a few. IDEA 1: It's pretty simple really. Give a "Prefer server textures" setting. Put the setting just above the "Texture Pack" option, as pictured below in the settings. Right now...
    11. H

      Sketchfab Import Guide

      This thread is a guide on correct process for importing a StarMade model into Sketchfab, to ensure that the community can get the most out of that platform. Once you’ve got your model exported (see above if you’re uncertain how to do so), you can then put it into Sketchfab and start setting...
    12. Space Shaman

      Alternate textures for individual ships (Not texture packs)

      Let's say that you want a smooth shell of advanced armor covering your ship. Problem is, advanced armor has a beveled look to it making your ship look like a tiled floor. Alright, you install a texture pack that fixes this. Wait, there's a problem. You have a ship that incorporated the...
    13. G

      [SOLVED] Wrong textures on blocks

      Hi, I recently installed Windows 10 and wanted to play Starmade. This is what i first saw when entering my fresh new world... Every texture seems to be assigned to the wrong block. I tried reparing both from the launcher and from Steam, but this ugly bug doesn't want to go away. I am using...
    14. jayman38

      Default (256) 30 Tint Crystal

      For those who use the 256-pixel Default Texture pack, this modified version offers tinted crystal armor in the 30 range (70% opaque), for easier visibility of the crystal itself, and for better integration into color schemes. Other than the crystal armor, all other textures are the same...
    15. jstenholt

      Texture Overlay Bug?

      This one is weird. I've had a lot of bugs in Starmade, but this one is probably top 5. I have this word texture pack overlay. The individual blocks or sprites or whatever they are rotate with the camera. Relaunching does not help. This appeared after I misclicked in the F keys, though I...
    16. plusnine

      plusnine's Half-size Radar Pings 1.1

      These texture replacements half the size of the game's radar pings, reducing on-screen clutter in crowded zones, helping to make navigation and targeting easier and more accurate. They are recommended for players who play in high resolution and have good eyes, as some detail was lost in the...
    17. Xtremesonicboom

      DirtySpace Redux

      So, I'm making a thread to show work I've done on keeping DirtySpace x64 up to date. Here, if requested, I can post paint.net files for the texture pack. I'd also like feedback on my work. Contributions are appreciated too. Just keep in mind as always that this texture pack isn't mine, and...
    18. A

      get rid of the grid

      I appologize if my first post here seems to be less constructive, but I noticed some grafical changes comming with the last updates regarding the texture/ the outlines of single blocks: Since then all constructions are covered with the grid, representing each single block and I couldnt follow my...