1. MrGrey1

      GSI Rebel Fleet 210320

      Grey Station Industries Rebel Fleet. X-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, Y-Wing.
    2. MrGrey1

      GSI Imperial Tie Fleet 210320

      Grey Station Industries Imperial Tie Fleet. Tie Advanced, Tie Interceptor, Tie Bomber, Tie Fighter.
    3. Roninx

      Starwars 1:1 Small Fighter Pack 1.0

    4. Roninx

      z95 Headhunter 1.0

    5. Roninx

      Roninx' Shipyard 1:1

      I'm releasing 1:1 or close content to help you out with star wars builds. What's cooler than a scale ship with scale fighters inside? Imperial Station With 12 fighters for auto launch - interactive pirate station setup. TIE LN/INT/BMB Imperial Outpost Z95 Headhunter 1:1 Small Ship Pack...
    6. Roninx

      Imperial Outpost (Starwars) 1.0

      I built this as an interactive pirate station on my own server, it launches tie fighters when a player arrives. The design itself is not canon. The tie fighters are my design. This holds LN's, INT's and Bombers 4 of each. All is as close to 1:1 as possible.
    7. Green-Knight-44

      Star Wars- Boba Fett's Slave I 1:1 figure scale. 2019-08-20

      As you wish, What if he doesn't survive? He's no good to me dead Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold YUP! It's here! My first replica build, from scratch based on concept art and blueprints of the original Slave I from The Empire strikes Back along with most of the visible features of the...
    8. Crashmaster

      YT-2400 Caseus Rotam 1.0

      Landing gear Ramp Pod USD
    9. Agogeps

      1:1 Starwars ships for Server Content.

      I am working on 1:1 content for my server, hosted at The players are not limited to SW content, but all server content is from that. Here are some examples of what has been converted or made so far. Hopefully you might even be able to tell what they are. Join our discord from...
    10. Agogeps

      SR StarWars 24/7 Dedicated (SpaceRift)New Setting up

      Hey everyone, I know there aren't many players, but I have a server available that caters to Star Wars. The content is updated and includes ships and stations that will launch fighters. Here are some photos. Content is still being updated. Help is always appreciated. All stations are new...
    11. JackBeFlippen

      Splat-Khan SkunkWorks: current projects

      A mere preview of our various current work, more to come!
    12. KillaKrazy

      Bellator Star Destroyer *Unfinished* 2018-02-27

      Attached is a shell of the Bellator Star Destroyer. The detailing is unfinished and as I'm no longer interested in SM I doubt I will be finishing it anytime soon. Hope the .sment works as I haven't updated my game to the new power system. If for some reason it doesn't work let me know.
    13. symbiot999

      modified version of the starwars jump ship

      This is one of the game ships that I mofdified to have a starwars jumper but I am still working on it.
    14. MrGrey1

      MrG_Tie_Fighter 2018-09-18

      V2 Tie Fighter (201.133) Adjusted proportions to be more realistic. Two movement chambers. Thrust 2.5 C/C 216 OBSOLETE V1 Tie Fighter Mass 332.5 (2612 blocks) Power 73036.3 e/sec Thrust 845.7 Ratio 2.5 Cannon/Cannon/Punch 351 (182/104/65) Radar Jammer, Jump Drive & Teleporter incl.
    15. G

      Imperial Star Destroyer Class 2 - 1:2 size 0.625

      StarWars meets StarMade The Imperial Star Destroyer Class 2 came into service only a few months after the Rebellion destroyed the first DeathStar. With an originall size of almost 1600 meters length, a crew of 37.000 soldiers and around 130 TurboLaser Turrets it was an impressive piece of...
    16. Promethesus

      Venator Class Cruiser 11-07-2016 2016-11-07

      Download .zip, unpack ZIP File name" 11-07-2016" Onto your blueprints folder, Open Starmade and import and play This is a revert build, I will upload a newer version once i can find which hard drive it is located on. The Venator is full Scale, It carries operational Elevators, Hangars, and is...
    17. Pinky_Pie

      Starwars Raider Corvette 2016-10-06

      Hi there, today i share that Starwars Corvette Raider made for a mate. It has interior, generic interior, since i dont found any on internet. The shell details will be added later, too many projects started and lack of time. Its about 165m long, so almost scaled to a real one. Here are the...
    18. X

      Help me Starmade community, You're my only hope.

      Hi peeps, long time on off player of starmade here asking for some help. As Ive said Ive been on off the game since like 2015/2014 and have had many ships made and completed before I stopped playing. However the last time I logged off the game for awhile I happened to not finish my ship I was...
    19. colonel lacu

      Slave 1 1.5

      the old slave 1 almost got 100 downloads, so i managed to remake it now it's little bigger and the paint-job does not match the real ship i used my old slave 1 as a model for the new and improvised the interior.
    20. saywuuuuuut

      Starknife Class Battleship 1.1

      The Starknife Class is the First star wars styled ship i made. Its a ship heavily made for offensive. So its an attack ship. This ship has 3 shuttles and a fighter. 24 automated cannons, 2 Swarm missiles and 1 homing missiles.Front:BackOpened Hangar:Closed HangarHangar with shuttles and...