1. AtraUnam

      Thanks for the memories Schema

      Been a while, found an old size chart of community builds and it brought back a lot of memories, we all really made some cool things back in the day. Cheers Schema, I hope Starmade lasts long into the future.
    2. Jeffrey.1272

      Truly sad

      Hello, I'd like to state from the very start. I love this game; I love the aesthetics and overall design of Starmade. That being said, it has been unfortunate to see the ever-diminishing state of the game. Ever since the height of it when Mr. Woofles, Mushroom fleet, etc. showcased and played...
    3. kithwood

      AVALON - a space city in cyberpunk style (in progress)

      Hello We present you our biggest project: A cyberpunk city inside starmade. This city is built around an artificial asteroid, which can be reached by tram. All buildings can be explored. This is the spawn of a future server in preparation. BY: Kithwood, doob_doob and ChrisTita Planned...
    4. ScorpionInc

      7 Segment Decoder - 3 Wide Green Display v.2.0

      This is a simple 3 light(green) in width, seven segment decoder circuit. Input is 4 bits(Base-2) wide with the values of(0->15) inclusive. Resultant display output is green colored in Hexadecimal(Base-16) output with values of(0->F) inclusive. Please note that this is not...
    5. aceface

      Pandora Home Base station v1

      Pandora Homebase Station Designed to be relatively economical to get in without extra unecessary stuff that costs a lot of resources. (Ships not included) Autocrafting Has an autocrafting system for the shipyard for easy ship production. See this video to understand how it works. Housing...
    6. aceface

      Kestrel Cruiser from FTL v1

      The ship looks like this in the game: In StarMade: Some art subset games had of it in 3d, which was the main source to turning the 2d ship into 3d. Docked at the Fortune Hunters homebase on the xdrx starmade EU vanilla server: The ship is a multipurpose ship. Features: - Internal...
    7. klawxx

      StarMade University - Data Collection and Revision

      IMPORTANT: We will use this thread as a staging ground for content gathering and revision for the "StarMade University", which is on a new and clean thread:
    8. Tsnonak

      Vanilla Extension Pack 250 0.201.341xxx Update

      Updated for! Light-wedges Ingots Crystals Motherboards Carved Minerals Ice, Lava, Wood, Foliage, Cactus... in all shapes! Uses Vanilla-Standard Icons for simple User-friendly / MP-server implementation! (until icon-baker and server /client downloads get fixed*). Just unpack and...
    9. D

      Is there any server like 2b2t for StarMade

      One of my favorite places on the internet is 2b2t, a Minecraft server that has been running since 2010 with no restarts. It's an anarchy server where anything goes, and it's fascinating because you can find endless stuff in it build (and destroyed) by people. As the updates get rolled out, the...
    10. DuckyQuacks

      Bug Shield Bypass with Beams

      Hello, This post is about the issues with the 'Beam' system currently. Whilst firing a beam and crossing between two sectors the beam will periodically ignore all shield hitpoints on the targeted ship and immediately do block damage - beams are the only weapon system affected by this due to...
    11. LegendofGore

      New Star Wars Themed Pvp/RP Server

      The Star Wars Server I would like to formally introduce to you a brand new server for the Starmade community. This server, like the title Intel's is a Star Wars themed server. And will be based around all eras of the star wars universe. Here we will attempt to accomindate...
    12. Space-Gandalf

      StarMade Skit 3

      This time with more bad acting, screaming, and an addition of lasers!
    13. Space-Gandalf

      Starmade Skit 2

      Well boys, we are back at again with another beautiful meme....
    14. Space-Gandalf

      StarMade Skit

      Oh god what have we done..... Truly, this is a piece of art, and if you disagree, then I don't know what to think of you... (obviously I'm joking, but you knew that, right?.... RIGHT?)
    15. Serene-Switch

      What is Wrong with Starmade

      My fellow Starmadians, Shine, hear me please. Our beloved Starmade is suffering from a terrible condition, one that I believe may become fatal if not addressed properly. Many have recently become aware of it, though without truly realizing it, and it has never been more obvious than now with...
    16. FlyingDebris

      Issues with new moderation

      Okay so first off the mods themselves seem to have been targeting a few members of the community by going through their posts and private messages and reporting anything they didn't like. Second, they've basically made moderator bias law, in spite of their own community (aside from perhaps...
    17. Gmodism

      Empires Server

      Welcome to the StarMade Empires server. The Empires server is a server dedicated to the creation of videos and streams, all members of the Empires server are required to post a video/stream preferably every week, but at least every month to be considered an active member. We started in the end...
    18. baclodrifr

      Salvage Turrets

      Yes, this is what it sounds like. The basic idea of a "salvage turret" is a docked entity that fires salvage beams at the nearest sources of minerals. A new option could be added into the Bobby AI as well. When you select the turret option a couple boxes show up to select either a normal turret...
    19. NASCARfreak13

      Going nostalgic 2014-02-03

      This ship was my first ever try in building something bigger than a few blocks. I never finished it properly so there are many empty rooms and the whole thing looks very thrown together unintentionally. It was build with the old shield and turrett system in mind so don't expect anything...
    20. NASCARfreak13

      T40 StarFighter V01

      This is one of about 40 space to air fighters the Union possesed around the first Great War. It only featured some homing-missiles and a standard cannon. Some refitted versions had a small jump module installed and some shields. The T40 maybe wasn't strong but reliable and simple enough to be...