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    Most conventional ship systems are assigned an individual subsystem HP, which caps the performance of the system. When blocks of the system are destroyed, SSHP drops at a faster rate than the blocks are destroyed, causing the system to be nonfuctional before all blocks are destroyed.


    This test ship has taken no damage and is fully functional.

    This test ship has taken some damage. Less than half of thrusters and shield capacitors are destroyed, however, at least half of thruster and shield capacity SSHP is depleted. The performance of both is thus capped by the latter.

    This test ship has its thruster and shield SSHP depleted. Despite having some thruster and shield capacitor blocks left, it has no thrust or shields.

    SSHP can be restored by hitting the system with a repair beam or handheld healing beam. SSHP can be fully restored ship-wide by rebooting subsystems. During a subsystem reboot, all systems with SSHP are nonfunctional and taking any damage will cause all systems' SSHP to drop to zero. SSHP loss past a configurable collective threshold will cause a reactor overheat.

    The exact rate of SSHP depletion is variable, and generally increases with system size, and decreases with integrity as measured per the vanilla mechanic. Both relations are polynomial with configurable exponents and factors.
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