May 15, 2018
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    Welcome To Starfleet!

    We are a multi-server Roleplay faction.
    Our purpose? To have fun and to keep the peace across servers.

    We will focus on a different Star Trek era for each server we join.
    Starting with ENT and moving all the way to PIC.

    (We MIGHT do the Kelvin Timeline but at this point it is unlikely)
    ---------Ranks-- ----------- --Careers-- ---------------- --Roles--
    ------ -Junior Officer- ---------------- Science ---------------- Science Officer / Chief
    ------- 1. Crewman ------------------- Medical ---------------- Medical Officer / Chief
    -------- 2. Ensign ------------------- Engineering ---------- Engineering Officer / Chief
    3. Lieutenant, Junior Grade
    ------ Operations ----------- Transporter Officer / Chief
    ---------- -Officer- -------------------- Security ---------- Communications Officer / Chief
    ------- 4. Lieutenant ------------------ Tactical -------------- Security Officer / Chief
    -5. Lieutenant Commander -------- Command ---------- Flight Control Officer / Chief
    ------ -Senior Officer- ------------------------------------------ Tactical Officer / Chief
    ------ 6. Commander --------------------------------------------- Helm Officer / Chief
    --------- 7. Captain ---------------------------------------------------- First Officer
    ---------- -Admiral- ------------------------------------------------- Starship Captain
    --------- 8. Admiral ------------------------------------------------- Starbase Admiral
    -------9. Fleet Admiral ---------------------------------------- Starfleet Command Admiral

    Crew members will need to be active and roleplay well in order to be promoted.
    Promotions can be granted by Captains and Admirals.
    Players can apply for specific roles or they can be assigned by Captains.

    Junior Officers will need to follow all orders. They will not be given a Starship but may access shuttles or small mining ships. They may NOT Command a Starship. Unlikely to be given the role of Chief.

    Officers can issue orders to Junior Officers but must obey any superior officer. They may be assigned a mining/cargo vessel of their own (possible but unlikely) They may take command of a Starship if no superior officer is on and the ship is some kind of danger. Officers also tend to be Department Heads/Chiefs.

    Senior Officers are the Captains and First Officers in charge of Starships. They can issue orders to lower officers but must still obey Admiralty. Captains may also report officers for Court Marshall which may lead to, Demotion, Confinement in the Brig, or Kick.

    Admirals are the Admin of Starfleet, both in game and on the Discord. They can issue Promotions and Demotions on the spot. They posses the ability and right to take command of any Starfleet vessel, However they tend have command of Starbases and Stations, as such they are in charge of the shops and cargo of those stations.

    While we are a Roleplay faction we are also like Galactic Police.
    Trying to keep the peace on various Starmade servers around the world.

    Please Note that this faction is called "Starfleet" This means that we will only be using Starfleet ships. And only cannon ships. This is to allow us to focus on making accurate and functional Starships rather than making heaps of sub-par ships we can make a few amazing ones. And if you want a ship that doesn't fit the current eras we available then stick around and help the faction grow so we can move up to the era of ships that you want.

    Come Join in the Fun!!!
    Discord - Join the Starfleet (Star Made) Discord Server!
    Star Trek: Enterprise Era Faction - (

    Live Long and Prosper.

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