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    Star Trek Discovery - Enterprise Saucer Shell for Kitbashing 2019-02-28

    Just the saucer from my 2:1 scale STD Enterprise, for kitbashing.

    1. Edymnion
      Game version:
      starmade-screenshot-0000.jpg starmade-screenshot-0002.jpg

      As requested, the saucer section of my Star Trek Discovery Enterprise build as a stand alone piece. Useful as a straight up flying saucer by itself, or as a center piece for building a kitbash around.

      Empty shell only, 397m in width.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. DroopPhase
      Version: 2019-02-28
      No clue what kitbashing is but it's beautiful
      1. Edymnion
        Author's Response
        Old term, sorry. Back in the days before computers, the easiest way to make a new Trek ship was to take model kit pieces from different ships and "bash" them together. Like take the saucer from this one, the nacelles from that one, and glue them together in a new form.

        It was basically copy/paste before copy/paste.
    2. Jake_Lancia
      Version: 2019-02-28
      pretty fancy blank canvas of a saucer to be honest, now someone should use it to make a DSC-style Miranda class to go along with your DSC Connie :D
    3. wizard_fish
      Version: 2019-02-28
      looks knice