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    StarMade Skin Compiler 2018-06-18

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    A Python 3 script for automatically compiling collections of skin textures into StarMade .smskin files.

    GitHub: ctl106/StarMade-Skin-Compiler

    Note: While I listed the "Game version" as the version I currently have installed, it should work for any version with the current character model.


    Recursion: -r/--recursive
    Specify Output Directory: -o/--output OUTPUT
    Calculate Execution Time: -t/--time
    Request Help: -h/--help

    Basic Usage
    For basic usage of this script, have a body texture file and helmet texture file as well as an optional body emissions file and helmet emissions file.

    These files must be named in the following convention:

    skin_name - the constant part of the skin name skin_variation - the variation of the texture texture - identifies which of the texture files; this must be one of the below


    Then, the program can be run in the directory containing the textures.


    And a file with the name skin_name.smskin will be created.
    Note: Depending on your OS, you may need to use or python3 if .py is not recognized as a runnable file format.

    Recursive Usage
    Depending on your workflow, you may sometimes wish to run this from a parent directory to the one containing the texture or you may want to compile textures separated in many different directories at once. To accomplish this, this script can also recursively search directories to find associated textures.

    smsc -r

    Specify Output Directory
    Additionally, it can be useful to store the resulting skin files in a seperate directory from the one in which the script is being run.

    smsc -o OUTPUT

    Where OUTPUT is an absolute or relative directory for the .smskin files to be stored.
    Note: There is an issue in my current test environment where the directory will be created if it does not already exist, but the .smskin files are not created and stored in this directory. It is recommended to make sure the directory OUTPUT already exists before running.

    Another ability is to request execution time in seconds.

    smsc -t

    This will print out the time taken to search and compile the skins, as well as total execution time.

    This should go without saying, but help can be requested from the script.

    smsc -h
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