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    WizTech VECCS (Variable Environment Containment and Combat Suit) 1.0

    The WizTech VECCS is a hi-tech, armored combat suit coming in a variety of colors and features.

    1. wizerdwolf
      PRESENTING the all new WizTech Variable Environment Containment and Combat Suit, a hi-tech, armored combat suit coming in a variety of paint schemes to match your faction colors as well as features to help an individual survive the rigors of space.

      I took a small amount of inspiration for this from ODST armor from the Halo series, especially the lens, and I also decided to keep the chest and back lights from the default Dave space suit.

      I did not include the texture PNG files, however you can simply open the given smskin file with an file zipping program, such as 7-zip, to extract the PNGs for editing and customizing. I made this decision to reduce the size of the zip file for downloading.


      Color Options:
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    Recent Reviews

    1. StarGuy1701
      Version: 1.0
      Nice Skins! Love the variants as well! :D

      My fave is the blue one, just to say.
      1. wizerdwolf
        Author's Response
        I really appreciate the input, thank you!
    2. darknassius
      Version: 1.0
      very nice skins ,lot of color schemat skin ,beautifull details on the skins
      1. wizerdwolf
        Author's Response
        Thank you very much!