MB-s177 Stinger

    MB-s177 Stinger 1.0

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    The Pitch:
    Introducing Malum's Malignant Machineries MB-s177 Stinger guided missile Turret!

    Don't like blocky shaped turrets? Need those pretty exposed internals on your weaponry? Then go elsewhere because here at MMM we pride ourselves on building nothing but machines of impending doom! Tired of people punching holes in your ship like swiss cheese? Then mount a couple of these babys to your ride and watch the fireworks!

    Believe me when I tell you that when Bobby comes a-knockin', the Stinger will knock right back! Guaranteed to have more capacity and damage than any other similar sized turret! (y)

    -- This turret is mountable to all MMM designed ships in the destroyer to cruiser class (my measurements, will post later maybe to clarify). My testing showed that this turret works properly against both AI and players alike.
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    I've been using your blue prints for pvp, I love them keep uploading!