1. GeneralKesh

      The United Colonies

      Intro: The United Void Colonies are a new faction on the Light Vs Dark Starmade Server centered around creating a free and safe republic on the server. We are a lawful good server dedicated to upholding the values of Freedom and Capitalism. We strive to destroy those who wish to cause us, and...
    2. MacThule

      Economic Brainstorm

      Spoiler alert: this thread will probably be bumped from time to time to continue the discussion. Premise: The in-game economy affects gameplay as much as engineering issues affect it, particularly in Multi-Player: It affects players' willingness to risk assets in competitions and conflicts...
    3. EricBlank

      Feature Rarity and "Unique" features in the Universe Update

      In my opinions, one of the things open world, sandbox space sims do badly, often, is making otherwise interesting things far too abundant to continue to be interesting, and i sincerely hope this doesnt continue to be the case for Starmade in the future. I say continue, because from day 1 i...
    4. SlavSquatSuperstar

      How do I get NPC factions in singleplayer?

      Hey, I've been wondering how to get NPC factions to spawn in my world. I've seen them spawn their mining ships and claim systems as their own in people's videos, but can't do it on my own. Do I need to change blueprint privacy or use the NPC data folder? I've had pirates attack me in the...
    5. EricBlank

      Player/Faction Reputations

      So going forward schine has stated players will have a few different options for roleplaying and mission running, and my suggestion here is to give the game a way to track player activities more in depth, by giving them a reputation. There are three levels that need to be tracked, factions...
    6. symbiot999

      Naddah is looking for Peole.

      The Faction is called Naddah, Our goal as a faction is to claim as many sectors as possible and take down all pitates and claim as many of their stations as possible.Here is somemore about the sever we are on. If this sounds fun to you join us on Do you want to play on a Low PVP Sever with good...
    7. Wolverines527

      UEG (Recruiting)

      United Earth Government (UEG) (Our flag) We are the United Earth Government (UEG) we are a group dedicated to helping new players getting their feet wet and protecting smaller or new players from would be bullys while in our group you will learn from some experienced players and if your an...
    8. wanzer

      A starmade universe storyline

      hi I like starmade's sandbox like approach. It offers everyone a way of expressing their own story of how they explore, conquer, industrialize, etc. Now at some post I read someone having critics about where starmade is going. I disagree with many points but i did agree with one point. A...
    9. MacThule

      Last Seen: Dec 31 1969, 04:00:00 PM

      Fixing the time stamps on member activity would be nice for factions, and I doubt it would be broken by other updates or be a redundant fix in any way. Maybe a very simple implementation would be to have the readout read a timestamp that is replaced each time the user joins the server?
    10. Falcon_One

      Factioned ships in multiple fleets

      This is a fairly straightforward suggestion; the idea is to allow factioned ships to be in multiple fleets at the same time. This would allow carriers to designate different tasks to different fighter wings, yet all wings still share the same mothership (the carrier). In order to avoid the...
    11. Pazool

      Having Problems with factions on my server.

      Having a weird problem with my server in that seemingly no matter what I do I cannot get any factions other than the old ones to spawn. When I start up a Singleplayer game or my own Dedicated server the factions are there first time no issues, but when I set up my server through TheSmelter.com...
    12. Slimsta

      HorizonRP | Starmade Roleplay | Factions

      HorizonRP Roleplay Faction Server _______________________________________ www.horizonrp.co.uk ____ HorizonRP is a serious roleplaying community based around Starmade. The server will be whitelisted to ensure the most serious, enjoyable and friendly players are enabled to play on the server...
    13. L


      : B
    14. Z

      DEV Build / NPC Faction not spawning

      I'm trying out the dev build and right away notice that i'm only getting the old generic factions (trading guild/pirates) in single player. Is there a way to spawn the new factions on a new world?
    15. Aesthetics

      Suggestion Enable alert notifications for multiple things.

      On the factions recruitment forum I want to receive alerts for when new threads and messages are posted. But thing is - I can't.
    16. MacThule

      Why we don't share

      Doing a little survey here to help with station design... Everyone needs an invulnerable station (currently). Typically no more than 2-3 players are willing to share a single station though. For some of us it's about size (either not enough, or so much that it lags some people), lack of...
    17. Chckn Wildstyle

      Blighted Expanse [Hardcore PVP - Player Economy Incentive]

      Blighted Expanse is for all PVPers that want a no strings attached kill all on sight if you so please server. There are no rules against spawn killing on people's homebases, the penalty for death is 1000 faction points and there is no buffer between when you can lose them again and your death...
    18. Bogdan

      Order of Bogatyrs Recruitment

      Order of Bogatyrs Striving for prosperity and enlightenment for all Stellar Bilbiotheca [click to go to our wikia] LINKS TO KNOW FOR RECRUITS AND/OR POSSIBLE RECRUITS You can find out detailed information and latest news about our faction on our main thread here at...
    19. MacThule

      Faction Merge

      A button in the Faction Menu (H) that brings up a field where a faction founder can type in the name of another faction. A confirmation dialog appears when a valid faction is entered, disclaiming that all faction members and assets will become members or assets of the other faction, Are you...
    20. MacThule

      Faction Founder Tips

      Anyone want to share their general experiences gained from running factions about important features, rules, etc in Starmade multiplayer? Obviously play style determines a lot, but there are some common things. Personally, I never allow anyone else to edit the faction homebase, to prevent...