Rotterdam Class Cargo-/Tugboat

    Rotterdam Class Cargo-/Tugboat 2022-04-23

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    To fill the need to move around a fast amount of cargo containers and large ships within spaceports, Angel Works Shipyard introduces the Rotterdam Class Cargo Tugboat

    It's capable of attaching and hauling two CG-I Type 29 standard issue containers while also using it's front reinforced buffers to push large ships with precision.
    It features a frontal USD port, two AMS for self defence against debris or asteroids aswell as heavy duty RCS thrusters in addition to the main thruster section.
    For the deployment within gravitational fields the ship features fixed landing feet.
    It's rugged and simplistic industrial design makes it perfect for needs of modern economic spaceport usage. Get yours today!

    The ship was built for the Community Build Initiative: Cargo Ship
    Captain Tankman
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