babylon 5

    1. Type O

      O Bomber - Starfury mk4_3 2019-02-17

      A dedicated M+M stealth bomber for pilots. Length: 31m, Mass: 1.2k > > >Caution< < < Missile + Missile: A bomb with no self-propulsion and uses the ship’s velocity as its own. The bomb will ignore shields, but it is extremely hard to aim and use (almost impossible to fire effectively from large...
    2. Zernock

      WhiteStar WhiteStarMk3

      The White Star class was designed and built through a collaborative effort between the Minbari religious caste and the Vorlon Empire. With the reorganization and revitalization of the Rangers as a force with which to fight the Shadows, it was imperative that they be provided with a warship that...
    3. xXAlbert_10Xx

      White Star Hull 1.0

      The White Star Hull ------------------- 140 Blocks Long
    4. xXAlbert_10Xx

      Shadow Hybrid 1.0

      The Shadow Hybrid Hull (150 blocks long)
    5. xXAlbert_10Xx

      Vorlon Transport 1.0

      Vorlon transport from Babylon 5 with moving petals which you can open and close from the hotbar. ~ 10k Shields ~ 176 Shield Regen ~ 6k Power Regen ~ 192 Mass
    6. NuclearFun

      NFs Starfury A1R1

      just a small little fighter built to show a little reverence. Starfury - Wikipedia
    7. WhiteFaulken

      Babylon 5 Kestrel Class Atmospheric Shuttle 2.0

      Babylon 5 Kestrel Class Atmospheric Shuttle Another model for your Babylon 5 collection. The Kestrel Class Atmospheric Shuttle was the main shuttle used by Earth Force to transfer cargo and personnel from planet side to their ship and was sometimes modified for scanning and surveying of...
    8. WhiteFaulken

      Babylon 5 EAS Forklift Fury 2.0

      EAS Forklift Fury Ready to expand your B5 collection some more? Introducing the Forklift Fury. This small fury made its first appearance in the special release of "Third Space" and is primarily used for repair, maintenance, and lifting of objects. Made as close to 1:1 as I could with limited...
    9. OmegaGame

      Babylon Five: Shadow Warship (hull) 2016-09-29

      This Babylon five ship of the Shadow race of first ones was requested by Panpiper. Enjoy!
    10. WhiteFaulken

      Babylon 5/ EAS Standard Shuttle Pack 2.0

      Babylon 5/ EAS Standard Shuttle Pack Ready to expand your Babylon 5 collections? Then here is another Babylon 5 pack with the standard shuttles for you to enjoy. The standard crew shuttles were not shielded, did not have gravity, were not jump capable, and carried no weapons of any kind...
    11. WhiteFaulken

      Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury/Thunderbolt Fighter Pack 2.0

      BABYLON 5 Earth Alliance Starfury/Thunderbolt Fighter Pack In a change from my usual builds, I am branching out into the world of Babylon 5 with this starter pack of Starfurys and Thunderbolts. Noted as some of the most powerful fighters of the younger races (with the exception of the Minbari)...
    12. WhiteFaulken

      Faulken's Nest

      FAULKEN'S NEST ______________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Faulken's Nest, a shipyard showcasing all builds by WhiteFaulken, A member of the Serene Horizons Build Community, and future builds to come. Mission My goal is to produce highly detailed, logic...
    13. Kanlor

      Babylon 5 Minbari Nial Heavy Fighter 1.0

      The Minbari Nial fighter is one of the strongest fighters among the younger races. It sports an array of advanced systems, high manoeuvrability and a Minbari stealth system [aka radar jammer], making a weapons lock difficult for a lot of other races. Just had to make one of these because: a) it...
    14. Kanlor

      Babylon 5 Salvager - Liquid Gases Transport 1.0

      Need a Babylon 5 themed salvager? Of course you do! Well I do anyway, so I made this one based off a liquid gasses transport seen in the show. :) 5k salvage modules (the limit on the server I play on) in a circular pattern to tear apart those asteroids in no time at all. Jump drive for...
    15. Kanlor

      The Babylon Project - Babylon 5 themed builds.

      Hi All, Been playing Starmade a couple of weeks now and I'm a bit of a Babylon 5 fan so I thought I'd start a shipyard thread and share some of the stuff I've been working on. Would love to see what you all think, comments, critiques, criticisms, etc., all welcome. Ultimately plan to make to...
    16. Kanlor

      Babylon 5 Skylark Transport 1.0

      E.E.D.S. starship corp's rugged "Skylark" class commercial transport is one of the most popular civilian starships seen in Earth Alliance territories. Also known as the "Green Ship" due to her trademark olive drab plasteel hull, the Skylark is employed by traders, privateers and mercenaries...
    17. Kanlor

      Babylon 5 Omega Destroyer 1.0

      Following the Earth-Minbari War, the Omega Class Destroyer became the most powerful and ubiquitous capital ship of the Earthforce fleet. It was stated that if one of these ships appeared in your system, you were in serious trouble as this ship was one of the most powerful ever built by the...
    18. Kanlor

      Babylon 5 - SA-23E Starfury 1.0

      The Mitchell-Hyundyne SA-23E Starfury forms the backbone of the Earth Alliance fighter strength. These fighters are carried on all Earth Alliance capital ships, and are the primary defensive protection for space installations such as the Babylon 5 station. Size is only slightly over spec to...
    19. mrsinister

      Babylon 5 EA_STG-19 2.0d

      Babylon 5 Earth Alliance STG-19: The Earth Alliance STG-19 Shuttle is utilized by nearly every Earth Alliance and Earthforce ship or outpost. It is versatile, effective, highly modular and can be fitted with almost any configuration depending on the task at hand. I made this with an internal...
    20. mrsinister

      Rift_Seeker 2.0f

      The Rift Seeker: Built primarily for war with all the latest weaponry, the Rift Seeker also comes equipped with a jump engine and some nice extra's. So whether your jumping around the verse looking for that next big battle or providing security escort for a private contract, know that the Rift...