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    WhiteStar WhiteStarMk3

    The White Star class was designed and built through a collaborative effort between the Minbari religious caste and the Vorlon Empire. With the reorganization and revitalization of the Rangers as a force with which to fight the Shadows, it was imperative that they be provided with a warship that would not be inherently recognized as either Vorlon or Minbari. As such, the ship was designed and built in secret and in large numbers by the Minbari worker caste. These vessels proved devastating during the Shadow War and the subsequent earth alliance Civil War. After the dust had settled, they served as a vital part of the Interstellar Alliance's military assets.

    237 length
    111 width
    41 height

    1 Quantum Discharge Beam Cannon
    2 Neutron Cannons
    2 Twin Fusion Cannons
    First release
    Last update
    5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

    Latest updates

    1. cleaned up the hull some more updated to new power system

      just some minor fixes switched to power 2.0 just enuf to get it started
    2. WhiteStar hull mk2

      cleaned up the hull a bit more.

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    yes no more smedit white stars giving me hope that there would be one without having to cease another project now theres a real one