1. Captain Fortius

      Corrupt SJW Discord admin!

      Geez, the world we live in. So, this happened today: I look up what's happening on the SM discord, and notice there's some conversation about flat /cookie planets. I write something like "the only sane way to do planets is either spherical, or some videogame tricks to make them look spherical...
    2. MilitantCollective

      Condition/Action Rulesets Thread

      So in an effort to streamline the process for Schema to add conditions/actions rather than us spamming up his inbox. Im going to create this thread to allow us to suggest additions to the lists. Just upvote the ones you all like.
    3. Thingie

      Moderators for You

      A break down on what you can report or contact moderation team for. We aren't just here for the fancy name colour. Here are some thing you can request, if there isn't what you are looking for there just ask us. Reporting someone who has broken rules To help clean up your own thread, deleting...
    4. Captain Skwidz

      Administrator "mode"

      How I disable the administrator controls such as the "admin warp" button and the ability to enter any ship core in a local universe? Removing myself from the admin list doesn't work.
    5. Benevolent27


      So, this is an idea to allow a temporary status of "noclip" on an entity. This would allow either a ship or a player entity to become ghostlike, moving through other entities with no collissions. This would be useful for: 1. Admins to stop lag bombs in sectors where entities are crashing...
    6. Erth Paradine

      Support for forcefully resaving/rewriting entity blockdata, via admin command: /touch_uid

      Request/Goal: Enable admins/operators to programmatically and forcefully save an entity's blockdata to disk. Currently: The server's entity/sector unload routine does not re-write an entity's blockdata to disk if entity's "touched" attribute is false. The only known way to currently set an...
    7. Chckn Wildstyle

      Additional Map/sector_chmod Functionality

      There is a dire need for a better implementation of the sector_chmod system in conjunction with the 3D map that we already have, as well as just a little bit more map functionality. This will help with in game functionality of survival characters and general administration on multiplayer...
    8. Chckn Wildstyle

      So I just saw the Blackhawk evidence, truly shocking, unless you were a server admin. (+extra stuff)

      Over the course of the last year, myself, Guthris, Osirus, Gorn, and several other former Shattered Skies admins have been lambasted for supposed abuse of power and favoritism. I bet everyone that jumped on the hate bandwagon is feeling a bit ashamed as of late. (I'll refrain from indirect...
    9. Erth Paradine

      Enable admins to limit number of alts per account

      Suggestion: Enable admins to limit number of alts per StarMade account. Currently: Players can currently login with an infinite number of alts, although the existing server.cfg directive "PROTECTED_NAMES_BY_ACCOUNT" does provide a basic pre-existing mechanic to unprotect older alts, it does not...
    10. Erth Paradine

      Add APBL Scoring - support for global bans

      Request: Add support for multi-server blacklist checks at time of login. Will be referred to as "APBL" within this suggestion; an abbreviation of Abusive Player Black List. The overall goal here is to globally and automatically ban players that multiple trusted admins have deemed undesirable...
    11. Napther

      Add admin command "/Server_Restart"

      TL;DR: Add a new command that shuts down the server from inside the game, BUT, Brings it online again after it has completed the shut down to reduce potential down time. As the title goes, From my time of being a member of the admin/Moderator staff of the StarSide community, this included...
    12. RabidBat

      Deny admin catalog access to moderators.

      Hey, looking for help once more. With the ability to deny commands to players via the admins file I am wondering if there is a way to also deny a user admin catalog access. While we can deny moderators all give commands they can still access the admin catalog manager in game and spawn things...
    13. Erth Paradine

      Recognized /add_admin_allowed_comand

      Request: Add support for /add_admin_allowed_command Purpose: Either allow an admin all commands, or allow only those in the list. Getting away from the current requirement to hunt down and list all non-permitted commands. Rationale: The current method of delegating admin access is...
    14. Asypha

      Recognized More detailed server errors to help admins track down problems with rails.

      In the server console screen, provide more information that allows the admin to actually find what is causing repeating messages such as "Failed to activate blocks: 25" On very large builds, this can become overwhelming to track down. Coordinates they can teleport to, or some other way to...
    15. P

      There are more useful things than "eyecandys" in games

      Since Starmade is heavily focused on multiplayer experience, people need more stable servers rather than more things to lag them or crash them. Rails, weapons, slabs they are cool, they create the content for players to explore. But how they can enjoy them if they have no reliable server to...
    16. Cheapskate

      Implemented Weapon, Shield, and Effect config server-side

      One of the things I know I'd be most interested to see [just below AI fleet controls] is server-side config to manipulate weapons, ships, and effect modules. I've noticed that there's been a lot of tweaking going on within StarMade. Cannons nerfed, cannons un-nerfed, weapon effects...