WS RisingTide MK1

    WS RisingTide MK1 1.2

    Specifically designed to function as an all-purpose ship for my adventures on the StarSquadron server this ship has it all.

    A detailed and carefully crafted outer hull, plenty of systems and a full on roleplay interior.

    Some of its special features available are:

    - Functional command line computer.
    - Separately docked miner.
    - Movable com array.

    The interior of this ship is something you will have to experience. If you’re not afraid of spoilers a tour is shown in the vids below:

    First release
    Last update
    4.88 star(s) 8 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Hot fix

      - Emergency fix for the main elevator. Broke it last update. - Moved the AI module to the...
    2. A small update

      - Saber review! - Fixed spelling errors in displays. Let me know if you find more. - Added...

    Latest reviews

    Very nice looking Ship

    A really very beautiful ship
    The main towers are not functional or am I just too stupid?
    I love the Rising Tide's sheer size and strength! It has a great arsenal of weapons at its disposal for both attacks and defense. It's basically got a coat of turrets allowing you to go into battle trusting its passive defense.

    I only have three complaints: the mining drone does not seem capable of re-docking, the elevator does not go up to the bridge, and the large cube in the rear of the ship takes up room that could easily be repurposed as a docking bay which would allow you to remotely open/close it and release a fighter/drone.

    Other than all of that, the Rising Tide has so far been my capital ship as it is both a menacing and trustworthy adversary when it comes to battle and travel of almost any shape or size!
    The mining drone can be a bit finicky when re docking. AI is not that smart at the moment. It is capable of it but it depends a bit on the angle it approaches the ship.

    The elevator bug was fixes in the 1.2 version. I would suggest downloading it again if you want the fixed version.

    As for the cargo. You can always replace the cargo crate with something else like a small shuttle.
    So well built and detailed, with so many utility options (worker drones, harvester) I could even imagine this as the hero ship of a space opera.
    The ship is great overall, but the Mk1b update seems to have broken the main elevator, and there seems to be a block missing on either the crew or logistics deck, cannot remember which at this time.
    I love the interior, it is very functional and immersive. The exterior is nice and clean, yet still very detailed, with a nice overall shape. Incredible ship!
    This is just one of the most beautiful rp ships I have ever seen. Perfect from the shell to the rooms and the os. Also your video series was a delight to follow. I learnd very much from your build. Very nice and destinct style
    Absolutely wonderful in every way. The interior is large, detailed, and feels like it's exactly the right size.

    I watched your YouTube videos on this ship, and I had hoped you would throw it up on the dock. I'm glad you did.

    I still think of it as the "Deep Blue" lol
    nice ship