Utilitycraft-Paean Mark II

    Paean Class Utilitycraft

    (Yellow Text) Indicates docked entity systems

    Stats/Pictures are of
    Version Mark-II
    Asterisks(*) indicate changes in latest version
    *Completely Redeigned from the ground up
    *Added grappler arm for hauling cargo
    *Added Tractor beam to push/pull/hold cargo
    *Removed Shild/power transfer and added Salvage systems​

    Role: Maintenance craft, Support suit
    Generation: VI*
    Mass: 383.5*

    Cargo Full: 537.5*
    L/H/W: 56m*/20m*/37m*
    Power Regen: 9,460* e/sec

    Reactor Base Enhancement
    Turn Rate 3
    Thrust: 1,057.5*
    Max Speed: 225.0*
    Armor: Solid Standard Armor
    Shields: 17,250*

    Regen: 2,225* s/sec
    1 Cutter Beam (B+C Dam: 330)*
    15,400 Units*
    +154 Additional Mass when full
    1 Tractor Beam (Power: 435)*
    3 Astrotech Beam (Repair: 21)*
    3 Salvage Beams (Power: 200)*
    1 Cargo Dock*
    Toggleable Grappler Arm*
    Logic Activated Tractor Beams*

    Hit Points:
    Reactor: 5,340*