UCIV 3-Ship Pack (WIP) v1.2.1: (Weapons Update)

    Starguy1701's back with 3 new UCIV Ships using Power 2.0 and the Weapons Update

    1. WildRage64
      Version: v1.2.1: (Weapons Update)
      I know there are a bunch of ships that you haven't posted, because some of them are actually made for PvP. It would be cool to see those designs, but rp, on the dock.
    2. Tolnorus
      Version: v1.1
      Well, I love these ships! Although I am having trouble trying to use them because the version of the game they are built for is frustratingly buggy. (Doors won't open. Other ships won't render until I am colliding with them.) That, of course, has nothing to do with the author.

      My primary interest in these is that they are the first ships anyone published that used the new power system, so I was eager to see how you configured their reactors. This is a proof of concept that a large ship with a correspondingly large reactor, chambers, and thrusters can still have sufficient interior space for shuttle bays and humans. So far I've been prowling around my single-player worlds in large ships that others have made, and all of them are pre-Power 2.0. It's been months since the power update and folks were still posting new ships with the old power system. Thanks for taking the plunge!

      Star Trek style warp nacelles aren't necessary in StarMade, but they are a handy place to put reactor stabilizers! That satisfies one stabilization axis, anyway. Looking at these has given me some ideas about how to tackle that problem in my own design efforts.

      Lastly, I just want to comment on the quality of your art. You use color very well to decorate each ship individually as well as to set them apart from one another. I have issue with some of the transitions from white to grey to dark grey, because of the way the game renders shadow and lighting, but different systems can have different settings so it is possible that I'm not seeing what you are seeing. My instinct, however, is that you optimized for a distant appearance, not a close-up, and they look great from far away.

      Additionally, your pictures of these ships presented in this post are wonderful! Not everyone knows how to take clean images of objects with good distance and framing. As a photographer, this really grabbed my attention.

      I look forward to seeing the finished product! Hopefully by that time the game will work well enough for doors to open and other structures to render in a timely fashion.
      1. StarGuy1701
        Author's Response
        Thanks very much for your Feedback, @Tolnorus!

        First off, I would just like to let you know that this is by far the best, pretty much very, very detailed feedback I have received on the Dock since I started playing. I'm overwhelmed! [In a good way] :P I'm very thankful for the best Review Ever!

        I am very, very glad to know that all that learning, and experimenting on systems/integrity/etc. has paid off. This is thanks to those youtube tutorial videos out there as well as Schine's/Community posts and updates and to those players on the Cake Build Server. I hope other players can study what I've learned through these ships so they can Apply it to their own ships in the future, probably even to make them better, no doubt!

        The door problems are probably just due to the fact the ships are built on the Dev versions of the game. But could it be due to the fact that they are controlled by Buttons linked with Flip-Flops? Or because most of the doors here are also controlled by wireless modules [to eliminate the Logic tubes]? I'm certain though that whatever this is, it will be fixed.

        I think the Best part of the Power Update 2.0 was indeed the fact that it allowed me to have just as enough space for more RP-based interior. Less blocks, but more functionality thanks to the Chambers. I mean, I remember needing to put separate Modules for Scanners and Jump-drives, and you don't even need to do that anymore. I loved the Hangar-Bay on my older Nora II, even it had less space and I sure love the much larger version of it here. And if you noticed, the Small shuttles there even had jump drives! Great for Scouting/Recon, both in an RP and PVE-way [or PVP - in Concept]

        I am also very, very glad that you liked the ships' overall appearance as well - Just want you to know too that your appreciation of my works can only inspire me to do more and better, so thanks for that as well. I probably have put enough love and time to these ships so you can expect an update soon. Right now, I'm still learning the new Weapons gig and I'll probably apply them to the next update. :D [I even started applying these to my recent fighter pack!]

        Once Again, Thanks very much for your Feedback! :D I can't wait to see the community's ships Power 2.0 with the new Weapons!
    3. MChain
      Version: v1.0
      What a lovely collection of ships do you have here... Excellent hull design and a pretty much perfect work with lighting. Definitely 5 stars for any single one - and we get a bundle here!

      P.S. Erin is my favourite... White with green shading - a perfect combination ;-)
      1. StarGuy1701
        Author's Response
        Thanks, MChain. I'm very glad to know that you liked this collection :D These are how my ships looked like in my mind when I first started playing Starmade about a year ago, specially with the Nora ship, that was my true first ship. I think these are by far the advanced looking designs I have ever made and I'm very glad for that as well. Thanks for your review.

        PS: And we have an Erin fan, that's one Point for the martian girl!