Tranquility Station (Contest)

    Tranquility Station (Contest) 1.9

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    Tranquility Station is my submission for the station contest. I started building really late unfortunately so it’s a last minute submission.

    The station is part of the neutral faction. So basically an abandoned station. However I see this station more as mothballed. It’s in perfect order just stripped of all equipment. The only thing left are the power and shield systems.

    Because of that I made the interior mostly gray scale and the power and should systems a bright primary color. They really pop out that way.
    If a player claims this station there should be plenty of room to add to it or even improve it.
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    4.91 star(s) 11 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. The Saber update

      Final update before Saber can have a go at it. - Removed all outdated blocks. -...
    2. Complete overhaul

      This is a complete overhaul of the station. The exterior has received large updates in detail...
    3. Rails

      Updated to include the new rail docking in the hanger bays. All old docking modules have been...

    Latest reviews

    This is my favourite station in Starmade.

    It has lots of room to add your own stuff, and due to how it was constructed, you can add extra systems behind the walls and under the floors.

    Quite a bit of thought and work went into this station and that is why I gave a 5 star rating.
    Great ! It feels like a part from a modular station. I can see plenty more in the same style to build a huge spatial hub.
    Thank you.
    Well designed, attractive shell, with lots of room and dead space for additional systems and refitting. Having lots of fun making this station my own.
    I loved the old version already but with rails it really is a step forward. consider to add some USD ports next :) GJ Tshara
    Good starter station. Love that it's in the game, but thanks for the blueprint file also. Now renovating it with rails....
    i cant spawn it to use it what do i have to do to get it in the gmae
    I really wanted to show your station in my Trailer but i could only get a ship core to spawn.

    Thankfully thats been fixed. heres to some awesome adventures when people come across this station in their games
    Lesson learned. Always check your save before uploading. Oh well. The station in the trailer would have been nice. Perhaps next time? (hint, hint) ;D
    Beautifull building !

    I can feel i'm there, stories will happen in and around that station !

    More !
    An excellent station with room to customize and yet it has a completed feel. The finishing is top rate with many innovative design features (loved the small cargo drone pending assembly).

    I'd be tempted to add a few turret mountings (but no turrets) to add to that 'to be completed' feel but for the most part there is nothing to do but move in and setup your furniture.

    Definite recommend for a 'default' station on any server.
    It will be one of the default abandoned stations soon. How soon will be up to the developers.
    nice but just so you know, they are not accepting entries aanymore
    I already entered the first version of this station. There were just a number of things I knew I could improve. So this is an update on that. Will have no bearing on the contest as far as I know.